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igus® E-Z Chain®

igus® technologies and tricks

for long service life, high stability, ease of installation and modularity

Easily execute energy supply systems with the E-Z Chain®.
E-Z Chain® - The standard for medium loads

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1... "Flexible material“

Easy torsional and rotary movements possible

How it works

Dual lock

igus® has the right twist

The flexible material of this igus® series and the reliable pin/bore connection with push-button mechanism facilitates easy torsion and rotating motions

igus® tested

tensile test

Application example

The torsion stability of the E-Z Chain® compensates even vertically misaligned connections.

2. Injection moulded interior separation, multi-chamber principle

No retroactive assembly of interior separations necessary

How it works

Saves time

The partially injection moulded interior separation and the multi-chamber principle eliminate the need for subsequent assembly of interior separations. You save assembly time, and your cables are already optimally distributed in the energy chain.

igus® tested

Application example

Order picking machine

Cleanly routed cables ensure malfunction-free operation.

3... Split opening crossbars

... easy filling with "fallout safety" - simply press cables into the chain by thumb
... cut assembly time by up to 80%

How it works

"easy" opening mechanism

"easy" opening mechanism

Cables and hoses can simply be pressed into the chain using your thumb. This cuts assembly time by up to 80%.

igus® tested

Rip-off test

Reduce assembly times and cut time by 80%

Assembly time: Insertion of 2 cables Ø 0.24 in and 0.39 in (we will gladly provide you with details about these and many other tests)

Application example

data glove

E-Z Chain® on a data glove

igus® Series E03 on a data glove - sensor protection, allowing the gloves to be put on and removed with greater ease. Inner height only 0.20 in.

4... Can be filled along the inner and outer radius

… Version E: Outer radius (like sample) … Version Z: Inner radius

How it works

Filling of the chain

Matches your application

E-Z Chain® is always available in two versions, and can be filled with cables and hoses either from the outside or the inside.

igus® tested

Practical testing

Quickly fill or remove cables, either from the inner (Zentral) or outer radius (External)

Application example

Subway train door

Ideal for confined installation spaces. Quick filling from the exterior or interior cuts maintenance or replacement time.

5... Push-button on pin

... chain links are held together reliably and securely

How it works

Large pin/bore connection

Patented push-button on pin mechanism

Chain links are reliably held together even at high loads and moderate torsion.

igus® tested

Tensile test with Zwick material test equipment

We test every energy supply system with a "tweak testing machine" at the igus® laboratory for compressive/breaking strength to provide reliable specifications on max. additional load and unsupported length

Application example

Long service life

E-Z triflex® in a plastic tank production line

6… small pitch, smooth operation

... quiet operation, 42 dB(A) determined by the igus® lab
(v = 3.28 ft/s unsupported, Series E06-10-038-0)

How it works

Hinged covers

Small pitch

igus® E-Z Chains® generate less rolling noise due to the minimized polygon effect.

igus® tested

Test 1556Quiet operation, 42 dB(A) determined by the igus® lab, at v= 1 3.28 ft/s using Series E06-10-038-0

Application example

E-Z Chain® in two-stage telescoping deployment of an elevating work platform

7… Universal connection

... mounting brackets are also available with integrated strain relief

How it works

Strain relief

Since the strain relief is integrated into the mounting bracket, you can quickly end easily create a professional connection using a cable tie wrap.

igus® tested

Tensile strength testing on igus® tiewrap plates with cable tie

Application example

Always an ideal strain relief.

8… igumid NB material standard

... Flammability class UL94 V2

Details of working principle

Scale on crossbars

UL94 V2 classification

igus® E-Z Chain® are always classified in accordance with UL94 V2.

igus® tested

Protected from flames

The material extinguishes within 30 seconds.

Application example

Wide variety

E-Z Chain® on variably adjustable office furniture with UL94-V2 classification

9... Rugged, square mounting system

... High stability and long unsupported lengths

How it works

Double, rectangular end stop dog

Rectangular end stop dog

Due to a rectangular shape, the force distribution is much better than in a round stop-dog (surface pressure formula, p = F/A).

igus® tested

Fracture test at the igus® laboratory

We test every energy supply system with a "tweak testing machine" at the igus® laboratory for compressive/breaking strength to provide reliable specifications on max. additional load and unsupported length.

Application example

E-Z Chain® in streetcars

Small radius for confined installation spaces and high resistance to failure, as shown here in a streetcar.

10... 950 chainflex® cables from stock

How it works

Wear pad

Variety in cables

Flexible cables in energy chains or in robots require special features to survive many cycles, high speeds and accelerations as well as more demanding environmental conditions. EMC safety and the compliance with norms and guidelines such as NFPA 79, UL, CSA, VDE, Interbus and Profibus are also a necessary requirement today.

igus® tested

Complex tests of all Chainflex® cables in moving operation

All chainflex® cables are always tested in practice. This means in the energy chain or in motion, such as here in the igus® climate chamber at -40°F.

Application example

Reliable function in all axes

In this CNC multi-spindle lathe, every single working position must be securely supplied with media, energy and signals. High freedom of movement in all axes require a high durability and reliability of the cables.

11… Clean room applicable

Tests according to Fraunhofer Institut IPA

… Standard material – ISO Class 2 … according to norm ISO 14644-1

How it works

For the protection of your cable

igus® tested

Clean room put to the test

The energy supply systems of the Series E6 and E14 have been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) in the department of clean and micro-production.
Tested with an E14-3-038-0, speed: 3.28 ft/s.

Application example

E-Z Chain® Series E14 in server unit, extractable for maintenance purposes. Clean room class 2 ISO is standard

12… One-piece design


How it works

Double, rectangular end stop dog

igus® tested

Application example

Equip any type of machine with E-Z Chain® and shorten the installation time

13… Smooth inner contour

Cable compatible, for even longer cable durability

How it works

Cable compatible design

Smooth, cable-friendly and rounded contours ensure a long life for the cables and hoses.

igus® tested

Cable wear

We conduct long-term tests on all chainflex® cables for wear, and therefore service life, in continuously moving operation. We also test customer-specific cables in order to predict the system service life.

Application example

Low-abrasion operation

Many cables, tightly packed in an energy chains. Guided reliably due to a cable compatible, smooth contour.

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