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E-Z Chain® Cable Carrier Applications

E-Z Chain® applications

Quick install

E-Z Chain® Cable Carrier has a flexible opening along its length through which cables and hoses can be pushed, saving installation time. It is made from rugged igumid NB, which offers optimum elasticity, UL94-V2 classification and excellent suitability for cleanrooms. The one-piece piece design makes E-Z Chain® particularly cost effective. However, E-Z Chain® Carriers are not suitable for applications with very high loads.

Typical applications include:

  • Cleanrooms
  • Electronic equipment
  • Cable management for offices
  • Vending machines
  • Packaging machinery

E-Z Chain Cable Carrier used in office furniture E-Z Chain Cable Carrier on adjustable office furniture (with UL94-V2 classification.)
Cable carrier in server unit E-Z Chain® in a server unit. Slides out for maintenance purposes.
E-Z Chain on lift platform E-Z Chain® Cable Carrier on a two-stage telescopic pullout on an elevating lift platform (click left to enlarge image.)
cable carrier Equip any kind of machine with E-Z Chain® cable carriers and shorten cable and hose installation time (click left to enlarge image.)
cable carrier for small space Cables and hoses can be quickly replaced with E-Z Chain® Cable Carriers- even in restricted spaces (click left to enlarge image.)

Cable carrier applications

energy chain application examples by industry and cable carrier design.