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Up to 57% saving on drive power - Smaller chain (more sturdy), rolling application, better cables

On closer inspection, the energy consumption in machine and plant construction, including all the costs for power electronics, is basically no different than in the car market. If car drivers can save around 60 percent in fuel costs altogether with different tires and different fuel, then those are technical and cost benefits that should soon be tried out.

Smaller chain (more sturdy), rolling application, better cables

e-chain® weight (3838CR.20.250.0) 2.77 kg/m
Filling with 3 motor cables CF34 and 1 control cable CF9 4.203 kg/m
Chain length axial feed, 30m (equates to 60m travel distance)
Coefficient of friction µ 0.1
Acceleration a 2 m/s²
Speed v 4 m/s
Mass of e-chain system® 209.19 kg
Necessary pull/thrust force to move the e-chain system® 623.6 N
Necessary max. power to move the e-chain system® 2.49 kW
Reduction in the power required: approx. 59%

Modern, energy efficient igus® "P4" roller system: high speeds and fill weights, very quiet running due to split rollers made of tribopolymer.
Rolls instead of glides: "P4" system used in cranes.


Let us design your equipment free of charge. This allows energy efficiency to be improved and hence uncover savings potential.