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Up to 17% saving in the drive power - Smaller dimensions, more powerful and lighter

Besides the reduction in friction shown by the roller energy chains example, there are other factors that help towards efficient energy management. So to the size and weight example. In comparative tests at the igus® technical center it has been possible to prove that using smaller sized energy chains, whose particular sturdy design allows them to be loaded just as much as larger chains, 17 percent of drive power can be saved. A powerful energy chain from the "E4" range was selected for this test. This is a modular construction kit system, which can be used to make nearly any application from “mounted on the side” to travel distances over 200 m. In particular, the new “E4.1” generation of energy chains, available from stock since last year, offers a multitude of potential uses, as design tricks from two earlier energy chain versions have been brought together in one universal solution and combined with new ones.

Smaller chain due to better/more sturdy design

e-chain® weight (E4. 2.72 kg/m
Filling with 3 motor cables CF30 and 1 control cable CF5 5.86kg/m
Chain length axial feed, 30m (equates to 60m travel distance)
Coefficient of friction µ 0.3
Acceleration a 2 m/s²
Speed v 4 m/s
Mass of e-chain system® 257.4 kg
Necessary pull/thrust force to
move the e-chain system®
1272.3 N
Necessary max. power to move the e-chain system® 5.09 kW
Reduction in the power required approx. 17%

E4-1 igus® system “E4.1”: The power flow is ideally distributed through the chain link. This means that a smaller energy chain is often sufficient with the same fill weights, which requires less drive power.


Let us design your equipment free of charge. This allows energy efficiency to be improved and hence uncover savings potential.