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Container Crane with Long-Traveling e-chain®

Rol-energy chain reduces drive power by 75%

long travel cable carrier Cable Carrier -longitudinal travel of 441.3 m Rol-E-Chain 5050 all stainless steel housing

An igus® cable carrier system with a 1,447 ft (441m) travel is being used for two container cranes at a coal power plant in Malaysia. Coal is unloaded from ships by two large container cranes and transported the 1.2 miles (2 km) to the power station by conveyor belt. The terminal has the largest capacity for unloading bulk goods in South East Asia. The quay of the new terminal is about 2,723 ft (830m) long and 66 ft (20m) deep, so ships as big as the Panamax and Capemax can dock. The container cranes unload the coal at docking stations on a man-made island situated approximately 1.2 miles (2 km) offshore. They can unload up to 1,500 tonnes per hour.

Cable carriers from igus® were selected for the two container cranes at the terminal. They were installed as a fully pre-harnessed readychain® cable carrier system to supply energy and data to the trolley and cabin ride.

cable carrier on a long travel crane igus® cable carrier on a long travel crane application

Longitudinal travel (cross travel) 1,447.8 ft (441.3 m)

Acceleration at 0.3 ft/s2 (0.1 m/s2)

Speed at 1.6 ft/s (0.5 m/s)

The energy chain cable carrier is filled with medium-voltage continuous-flex cables from the CF-Crane range, a fiber-optic cable, as well as a fine spray water hose to minimize the dust generated while unloading.

Hoist equipment (trolley):

Travel: 90 m

Speed: 189.6 m/min

Acceleration: 1 m/s2

Fill weight: 41.03 kg/m

energy chain Rol-E-Chain 5050R used 21/21/21.250.0

All cables: igus® chainflex®

Special features of this chain: It has been operated here with a 4-band chain using 2 extension links due to the high speed in combination with the very high fill weight of 41.03 kg/m. The energy chain cable carrier together with its cables weigh almost 2.5 tons.

cable carrier on crane igus® energy chain on a long travel crane application
igus® energy chain cable carrier

Supply for the crane operator's cabin:

The crane operator's cabin is supplied with igus® cable carrier type 4040-25-150-0.

Travel: 239 ft (73 m)

Speed 1.1 ft/s (0.33 m/sec)

Acceleration: 1.64 ft/s2 (0.5 m/s2)

Various cables from the chainflex® program

Every energy chain cable carrier runs inside stainless steel guide troughs and is protected by a cover against weathering, high UV radiation, etc.

Other details:

cable carruer with special guide trough igus® energy chain with special guide trough
cable carrier, floating moving end for long travel igus® energy chain cable carrier, floating moving end for long travel

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