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Quick and neat, despite the cold

Cable carrier system for high-speed roller door

Standard solution for new generation

Tests showed that the Micro flizz® system could be operated in tough conditions at temperatures of -40°F; consequently, today it is standard equipment for this new generation of high-speed roller doors for cold storage rooms. The doors close at speeds of 3.9 ft/s so that minimal amounts of cold escape outside.

The carriage travels at low-friction on ball bearings Micro flizz®

Pre-assembled and delivered ready to install

The compact system accommodates a cable carrier in a slim, enclosed aluminum guide channel. The cable carrier is self-guiding and moves in the channel with minimal friction. To minimize the noise of the cable carrier moving back and forth inside the flizz® guide channel, igus® integrated a plastic spring.

The Micro flizz® system is delivered ready assembled with energy and control cables for the barrier safety sensors and the safety strips.

Integrated between door leaf and frames, the thin design of the Micro flizz® attracts positive attention. Micro flizz®

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