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triflex® R retraction systems TRC TRE TRCF

For supplying energy to articulated robots – Prevents formation of loops

The global growth in automation for industrial production is leading to increasingly complex applications, particularly when using industrial robots. Even with greater integration and new production processes, target cycle times have to be kept as short as possible and downtime reduced as much as possible. To provide reliable protection against premature system failure and downtime, we recommend the use of a triflex® R e-chain®, especially to bridge axes 3-6. The dynamic change in length that results from the robot's movement is compensated by the triflex® R retraction systems. Constantly guiding the igus® e-chain® package in a defined manner to prevent the formation of loops in the robot's working area.


Pneumatic retraction system

| For Series TRC·TRE·TRCF with a ø-index of 60-125 mm

For robots with a load capacity from approx. 110 lb

Up to 780 mm retraction is possible

For applications with a high fill weight

Almost constant retraction force over the complete travel

Standard pneumatic components


Modular retraction system

For Series TRC·TRE with a ø-index of 40-100 mm

For robots with a load capacity from approx. 22 lb

Up to 670 mm retraction is possible

If no linear guide system is desired

With major environmental influences

Retraction force using integrated fiber rods

RSE linear

Linear, cost-effective retraction system

For series TRC·TRE·TRCF* with ø-index 40-125 mm

Special linear guide without tight bending radii

Up to 490 mm retraction is possible

Simple linear retraction without bends, spring rods or deflection rollers


Maintenance-free igus® drylin® W linear unit


Cost-effective retraction system

For Series TRC·TRE with a ø-index of 40 mm

For small robots, very light

Up to 500 mm retraction is possible

For highly dynamic movements


Maintenance-free igus® drylin® W linear unit

Adapter brackets

Adapter brackets for retraction systems

43 brackets from stock for many robot types

For all triflex® RSP , RS and RSE modules

3D CAD data available online for download

Also for robots with lateral mounting positions

Adjustable retraction systems

Adjustment unit for retraction systems RSP and RS

Broad adjustment range of ± 250 mm

Can be combined with igus® adapter consoles

Simplifies alignment even in restricted robot cells

Selection aid for triflex® R retraction systems

RS diagram X= Total length of the e-chain®
Y= Size of the robot

Possible Ø-index for triflex® R retraction systems

triflex® R
ø Index
Ø Index
RSE linear
TRC 60 - 125 40 - 100 40 - 125 40
TRE 60 - 125 40 - 100 40 - 125 40
TRCF 85 - 100 - 85 - 100 -
TRL* - - - -
TRLF* - - - -
* Retraction systems not available for this series

triflex® R Accessories:

Fiber rod modules

Custom solutions with directed pretension.

Universal mounting kit

Allows the fibre rod modules to be positioned anywhere on the robot arm.

Strain relief systems for large cross sections

Secure cable strain relief even for cables with a large cross section.

Gliding feed-throughs

With and without swivel bearing


Extra safety under extreme operating conditions.

Heat protection shield

Protects from chips and metal spatter up to 1,112°F

UR clips

UR clips

triflex® R mounting brackets for universal robots

CFROBOT special cables

Special cables for a long service life in robot applications.

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