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Assembly instructions for the energy chain RX E-Tubes

Dismantling / assembling a lid

Tip: Removing the lid from moving-end direction

Turn twist-clip lock on both sides anti-clockwise by 180°.
Undo two further lids in total to remove the lid being replaced.
Replace the lid, as shown in the photo, if necessary lift the next lid.
Turn the twist-clip lock clockwise by 180°.

Replacing a chain link

Dismantling / detaching

Open 3 lids behind, 2 in front and the one from the chain link being replaced.
Then remove 1 lid before, 1 after and the one from the chain link being replaced, so that 2 links are open.
Place the screwdriver between the 2 chain links (as shown in the detailed photo)...
...lever one side up slightly by twisting the screwdriver and twist the tube apart.
Repeat steps 3+4...
...and remove the chain link.

Assembling / joining

Tip: Fit the lid from fixed end direction

Put tube in place on one side and adjust on the other side... pressing the chain link together.
Press the bolt on the chain link into the hole using a little pressure, whilst bending the tube somewhat into the radius if necessary, until the bolt clicks in place.
Put lid in place, align and tighten...
...turn the twist lock clockwise by 180°.

Please bear in mind: The twist-clip lock should not be turned more than 180° when being opened, otherwise it will make it more difficult to fit the lid. Adjust the lids when fitting with light pressure and correct the position of the twist clip if necessary.