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energy chain cable carrier on ship loader

A ship loader situated in the Baltic Sea port of Wismar and previously exclusively loaded with potash was retrofitted to handle various bulk materials.

Technical data of the application:

The ship loader can handle 720 tons per hour. Several different types of bulk materials are handled.

Speed: 1.1 ft/s (0.3 m/s)

Travel distance: 639.8 ft (195 m)

The cable carrier was assembled and fitted with cables on site. The motor, bus and control cables - among them the Siemens SPS7 programmable logic controller to control the entire facility - were routed through a E4/4 type, Series 5050 cable carrier.

Potential inductive interference fields that could affect the signal transmission were prevented by a special shielding on the bus and control cables. All the power and control cables used inside the cable carrier come from the chainflex® continuous-flex cable range from igus®.

Since the ship loader started operating in 2000, there have been no reported problems with the cable carrier system. None of the cables or cable carrier links have had to be replaced.

cable carrier for ship loader Ship loader in action with use of cable carriers
center mounted cable carrier Series 5050 cable carrier, center mounted in stainless steel guide trough

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