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Cable carriers for ship-to-shore cranes

12 ship-to-shore cranes in Asia equipped with energy chain cable carriers

With a cable carrier system installed in a crane application over a travel distance of nearly 1,500 ft in Malaysia already under its belt, igus® began a new project in Asia, equipping 12 ship-to-shore (STS) cranes with energy chain cable carriers (Series 5050R). The cable carriers were installed in a channel in the floor and equipped with stainless-steel guide troughs to run over travel distances reaching 1,600 ft.

PPDS online monitoring system

As part of this complex project, igus® installed its "PPDS" online condition monitoring system to prevent damages and downtimes. The system monitors the compressive forces and tensile strengths of the cable carriers and improves operational safety through preventive maintenance and fine-tuning. The system compares the compressive force and tensile strength data four times a second with a pre-determined value. In case of an error, an alarm message is immediately and automatically generated and sent, for instance, by e-mail or SMS. An analysis of the error message is thus feasible at any required location. The stored data can also be retrieved and analyzed retrospectively for up to three months.

Cable carriers incorporated in STS cranes Cable carriers incorporated in STS cranes

Technical information on PPDS

Data entry:
Target/actual comparison of the force value on the towing arm, measured four times per second, relative to the position of the energy chains system.

Data exchange option:
E-mail function issues a warning as per definition - by SMS, e-mail or fax. Online or e-mail remote data exchange

Data recording:
Readout options of the system data, retrospective up to three months, with a 128 MB memory chip. Alternative: Event-dependent data output by a modem memory.

Detailed view of trough Energy chain with medium voltage single cores and the igus® chainflex® fiber glass cable

Advantages for crane builders

The main trolley on the new STS cranes travels at a speed of 13 ft/s (4 m/s). igus® Rol-energy chain roller cable carriers are used for data and energy transmission. In this high-speed application, it is not necessary to use additional control or drive systems for the cable carriers. Another advantage compared to conventional systems is the weight reduction in the trolley drive system and crane carriage.

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