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Side mounted E4/4 System Cable carrier in the automotive industry

cable carrier E4/4 energy chain Gliding, mounted on the side - E4/4 system cable carrier

E4/4 system gliding, side-mounted application in the automotive industry.

System E4/4 cable carriers are ideal for long travels up to 1,312 feet. They also work well in free-hanging, side-mounted applications. The side links are designed to create an overlapping, multipurpose grip, which increase stability for heavier side loads. E4/4 cablecarrier can withstand 50 percent greater push-pull forces than the next comparable energy chain cable carrier design and is resistant to dirt, debris, and corrosion. System E4/4 cabe carrier is available with special rollers for extremely long travels up to 2,625 feet and can also come in a special, conductive plastic - called igumid ESD - for use in ESD / ATEX applications.