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Simply rolled up

The roll-up energy chain system in a spool collector system

Becker Elektro Stapler Service, located in Erftstadt, was among the first customers for the new e-spool®. It uses the energy supply system in a telescoping spool collector system. This system prevents frost damage to flower-buds on fruit groves, which can result in harvest failures. The system uses a special propeller to circulate air above the grove, therefore preventing frost from settling on the fruit trees. The equipment is mobile and can be extended vertically up to 10 m. It is capable of covering a space of approximately 7 hectares. The e-spool® supplies the equipment motor with media and energy cables.

The alternative to the cable drum: igus® e-spool®

Being compact and having a long service life, the system combines the benefits of two different energy supply systems: A standard e-chain from the E2/000 series guides each roll and uses an integrated retaining spring to ensure that the energy supply system has exactly the correct length and tension at all times. The customer can select between three different lengths (0-4 m, 4-7 m and 7-14 m). In the home position, the chain is completely rolled up to save space. Depending on the number of guided cables, the 1400 series e-chain can be ordered with inner widths of 80 and 125 mm.
The twisterband connects the roll to the shaft block, which is used as the interface to the permanently installed cables. In "classical" cable drums this task is mostly provided by sliding contacts. The e-spool® concept stands out for its significantly higher flexibility. In contrast to sliding contacts, data cables, compressed air lines and fluid lines can also be connected throughout an entire system, and also be exchanged and modified at any time.

The "e-spool®" in a telescoping spool collecting system made by Becker Elektro Stapler Service, located in Erftstadt.

The twisterband TB 30 provides sufficient space for cable diameters up to 16 mm. When a large number of cables are in use, the twisterband can also guide these to the chain drum on both sides. By providing these two clear-cut advantages, the e-spool® is the completely modular replacement for classic cable drums. In addition, the e-spool® can be a solution for tight installation spaces: additional space to deploy the chain, as is needed for unsupported or Zig-Zag applications, is no longer required. The e-spool® is used in forklifts, sorting plants, mobile cranes, gantry applications or assembly and process cranes with grippers.

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