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Save assembly time and costs

Better guidance for circular motion - increase cycle life

TwisterChain trough

With the new twisterchain trough, complex adjustment work is eliminated and assembly time is reduced from six hours to just two hours. Thanks to its almost all-plastic design, noise levels are reduced while travel speed and service life are increased. Now available for widths and radii from the twisterchain series 2808, 3808 and 4008.

1. Much smoother and quieter motion due to the continuous guidance of the upper run
2. Pre-assembled delivery possible
3. Easy adjustment, alignment, and handling
4. Assembly time reduced from 6 hours to 2

twisterchain Lower assembly time by about 66% today with the new twisterchain guide trough

cable carrier with guide trough

Long service life: over 1,000,000 cycles tested to date

The new twisterchain guide trough minimizes the previously time-consuming alignment process (picture shows old guide trough system)

Available for all Twister widths and radii of the previous catalog range, series 2808, 3808, 4808