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Control Cable with Minimal Bend Radius In Stacking Unit for Phosphorous Screens

The chainflex® CF98 control cable is used by an international electronics company on its eight automated stacking units for phosphorous screens. The previous control cable caused the machines to fail several times.  The travel here is just 3.3 feet (1 meter) with 300,000 cycles per month. The space for the unit is extremely small, with a bending radius of just 0.70 inches (18 mm).

Previously, the unit had to be shut down several times to replace cables and the cost of these accumulated downtimes amounted to around $9,300, which was potentially $11,600 per year. This was an untenable situation.  Since the installation of chainflex® CF98, there has been no downtime due to cable failure. The control cable increases the long-term operational safety and lowers costs.

Continuous-flex cable on stacking unit for phosphorous screens Automated stacking unit for phosphorous screens (electronics industry): limited installation space, small bending radius, and 300,000 cycles per month impose high requirements on the control cable.
Control cable Control cable for narrow bending radii

The CF98 control cable comes pre-harnessed inside an igus® energy chain cable carrier and comes ready to install.  Cable carrier systems use cutting edge technology in mechanical and plant engineering. Today even narrow bending radii do not pose any problems. The control cable chainflex® CF98 is ideal for applications involving narrow installation spaces and correspondingly small bending radii, for example.