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Fiber optic cable from chainflex®

Innovative and versatile solutions for moving applications

chainflex® fiber optic cable (FOC) solutions from igus® offer a range of benefits for your application. Some of the biggest advantages of chainflex® fiber optic technology, depending on the cable family, are that they can be used with the smallest mechanical bending radii, are metal-free, coolant-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, capable of torsion and temperature-resistant. Certain cables can also handle narrow radii/long travels at high speeds, and resist mechanical loads, chemicals and vibrations. Applications including lighting technology, medical devices, communication equipment and industrial technology, such as cranes and production lines, are ideal for FOC use. In the chainflex® shop, you can find our CFLK, CFLG88 and CFLG-LB fiber optic cables, among others.
If copper cables are being considered as an alternative to FOC, know that they often lead to failures. Copper cables’ thick cable strands lead to breakdown if routed too close to other lines. Copper cables are also not suitable for longer travel distances. chainflex® fiber optic solutions offer modern materials, high speeds, extended service life and use at longer distances. They are also resistant to interference and can be easily laid next to other cables.

Advantages of chainflex® cables

No EMI issues

No EMI issues

chainflex® cables liminate electromagnetic interference by using proper shields to protect the cable components. 

Superior transmission quality

Superior transmission quality

Never experience low-quality transmissions again by using chainflex® cables on your applications 

Can transmit voice, video, data, etc.

Can transmit voice, video, data, etc.

chainflex® cables are available in many different standards and are able to transmit voice, video, data, and more! 

chainflex® Online Tools

chainflex® Product Finder

Product Finder

Find the perfect cable for you by inputing the requirements of your application

service life calculator

Service Life Calculator

See how many cycles you can expect from chainflex® cables on your machine

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