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Plug-and-Play energy chain systems... all inclusive!

Good reasons for ready-to-install assembled e-chain systems® from igus®

Increase your cash-flow

Keep your capacities flexible

Reduce your throughput times

Avoid machine downtime

Turn 30-100 orders into one

Reduce your storage costs to zero

Modern equipment - enables reasonable prices with higher quality

Our own test laboratory for testing your selected components

More than 3500 connectors and accessories from stock

Delivery with attachments and sheet metal components specific to the machine

Certified quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Our own readychain® factory with over 130 specialists

Up to 1000 systems a week leave the factory

Make use of our experience since 1993

Worldwide service in 28 countries and sales partners in 42 countries

ReadyChain rack  

1: Everything from a single source
The readychain® system covers pre-assembled, customized energy chain systems. The 'plug in and ready' solutions are configured, manufactured and delivered according to individual customer specifications. The use of the mounting rack starts to yield benefits even at low volumes.
2: Flexible components
The telescoping supports and braces of the readychain® rack allow flexible adaptation to the installation situation on site. Changes in mass production can be undertaken easily any time. By the latching mechanism, additional components can also be easily attached to the rack subsequently.
3: Sustainable use
The components of the readychain® rack's are galvanized and thus designed for a long service life. Each rack is constructed within a few hours. The individual elements can be reused at any time in other racks and must therefore not be disposed of after the end of the series like conventional, welded transport racks.

Reduce your storage costs to zero

With our quick and guaranteed delivery times, you can completely avoid having to keep continuous-flex cables, connectors and other cable carrier accessories in stock.

Cut your waiting times by half

Due to a finely-tuned logistics division, igus® supplies ready-to-install systems within 3-10 days almost anywhere in the world.

Respond flexibly to order variations

Economic highs and lows are no problem if you choose readychain® pre-harnessed systems. Let us worry about how much or how little you need to order.

Minimize machine downtimes

Little things may cause big problems. Buying numerous machine components from multiple vendors not only increases the risk of machine failure in your plant, but it also complicates trouble-shooting. With readychain® every system is quality checked before delivery. igus® is ISO 9001 certified.

Reduce the number of suppliers and orders by 75%

One order - one invoice - one delivery - one partner. Don't worry about looking for numerous machine components from numerous suppliers. We have the knowledge to provide you with an optimum cable carrier system for your automated machinery.


Consulting in selection and purchase of components like connectors, bus-elements, pneumatics, hydraulics and steel-construction.

test lab

Tests of your chosen components in our igus® lab, over 50 test stands.

You determine the degree of harnessing

We harness from simple energy chain systems only filled with continuous-flex chainflex® cables to complex systems, including any cables, hoses (pneumatic, hydraulic), connectors, separators, mounting brackets, as required.


From the project

You determine the size

Any size cable carrier is possible. Because of our up-to-date production processes we can deliver fast and cost effective custom-build or serial production products.


From batch size serial production

You determine the travel length

readychain® cable carriers offers the whole spectrum of possible travels achievable with igus® energy chains. We harness anything from extremely short to long travels. Safe transportation - guaranteed with appropriate transport aids and transit supports - guarantees damage-free delivery.


From long

Standardized readychain® packages facilitate your entry

readychain® "Basic"


Simple customized energy chain systems including installed cables without plug connections, labeled and furnished with projections according to your specifications.

readychain® "Standard"


Simply assembled energy chain systems with inserted cables and all plug connections, labeled and with defined projection lengths according to your specifications.

readychain® "Premium"


Complex customized energy chain system including cables as well as plug connections, mounting brackets, projections and components according to your specifications.