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Crane system

Pre-harnessed cable carrier system in heavy duty use for 12 years

readychain® pre-harnessed cable carriers

Any moving production at this concrete processing plant uses pre-harnessed cable carriers. In this tough environment, igus® cable carriers perform a crucial task in keeping the plant’s indoor crane and portal robot functioning.

Purchasing a completely pre-assembled system shortened installation time and prevented unnecessarily long production downtimes. The cable carriers have had no problems over a 12-year period.

readychain® pre-harnessed cable carrier Stable even under the harshest application conditions: the cable carriers are almost indestructible and are extremely resistant to wear.

Downtime reduced to a minimum

The cable carrier system reduced downtimes to a minimum for the two gantry cranes equipped with gripper robots and also set new standards for power supply within the factory. The entire production line is fully automated and conducted to the farthest end of the facility with these two cranes, which run on rails mounted alongside the hall.

Trailing cables supplied power until 1993. However, this led to repeated operational interruptions. At more or less regular intervals, the entire plant had to be shutdown. The costs involved with doing this were in addition to the cost-intensive maintenance involved with replacing cables.

readychain® Casting molds for house and garage walls are transported from workstation to workstation with special lift trucks run on rails. The power supply is conducted through energy chains

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