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Pre-assembled cable carrier systems for machine building


One manufacturer specializes in turning, milling and grinding machines of various different sizes. Due to the size and complexity of the machines, they are typically built around each individual customer’s processing requirements. However, this costs time and money. As a result, the manufacturer decided to construct a standardized portal milling machine in just one configuration.

cable carrer on portal milling machine Portal milling machine

New concept

Whereas the machines usually have installation times of three months due to their size and complexity, the new standardized machine’s specification allows for just three weeks. For this reason, it was vital the company chose the best possible suppliers.

The company used pre-harnessed cable carrier systems from igus® for the first time in the milling machine. Previously, there was a supplier for every different part - the cable carrier, continuous-flex cables, flexible hoses, guide troughs etc. - now everything is procured directly from one source in the form of a readychain® complete system. Another advantage for is that the company only has to deal with one or two contacts if they have queries or problems of any sort. igus® takes responsibility for the complete system.

The cable carrier system used in the new milling machine consists of more than 8,000 individual parts, pre-harnessed and promptly delivered. However, this complex system has been reduced by igus® to just eight order numbers for the company.

Cable carrier systems

Only one cable carrier supplier was considered due to the technical requirements of the milling machine, which can cope with the high feed rates and bending radii involved.

readychain® pre-harnessed cable carriers readychain® pre-harnessed cable carriers on a milling machine

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