The space-saving solution for difficult tasks.  With the E2 extender crossbars, there is now a single energy and media supply system that is also suitable for the very little installation space available at supports. It can cope with the general and individual challenges of these applications as it is space-saving, easy to install, adaptable and extremely stable. It can therefore be used in a wide variety of applications and is ideal for special mechanical engineering. The guidance system, which is available from stock, guarantees a long service life for hoses and cables. The costs of maintenance and downtimes are reduced significantly with the E2 extender crossbars. The machine and the task are difficult enough in themselves. But with igus®, at least, moving energy is made easy.
  • Special inner contours and clamps for hose-friendly guidance of two hydraulic hoses
  • Exceptional strength and long unsupported lengths thanks to stable stop-dog system and pin/hole connection
  • Single-piece clamp design for extremely stable hydraulic hose guidance requiring little installation space
  • Can be fitted closely against the base of supports

Typical areas of application:
Access/work platforms, supporting legs of concrete pumps/mobile cranes, construction machinery