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Hydrostatic Bearings for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

Valve technology

Fluid valve technology

Each shut-off valve consists of an actuator and an actuator element (= valve). Their high chemical resistance and freedom from maintenance ensure our products are ideal for the use in valve technology.

Pump technology

Electric pumps

Whether coolant pump in the car or washing water pump in the dishwasher: iglide® plain bearings are resistant to chemicals and withstand high sliding speeds of up to 6,500rpm when used in the medium.

Meter systems

Water meters

There are meters for water and gas in every household. igus® components such as gears, plain bearings or coupling rods can be installed. With special materials, including for underwater use, we find solutions for every application.


Pneumatic cylinder

Whether gas spring, hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder: with iglide® guide rings and plain bearings, low-clearance piston guides can be achieved under almost all conditions.

Valve technology - actuator

Shut-off valve with plain bearings


Slider with igus products


Plain bearing in tap valve


Plain bearing in throttle damper

Shut-off/throttle damper

  • iglide® Q plain bearing for high dynamic loads in the pivot points of the flaps
  • Optimized for pivoting movements of the flap

Valve technology - actuator

Linear drive with igus products

Linear drive

Gear wheels in rotary drives

Rotary drive

Pump technology


Wet running pumps with plain bearings

Wet running pumps

  • Media-resistant plain bearings e. g. made of iglide® H3 for the bearing of the drive shaft
  • Rotation in a medium (water, oil, etc.) makes revolutions of up to 6,500 rpm possible

Plain bearing in the vertical pump

Vertical pump

Products in roller pumps

Roller pumps

Meter systems

igus products in water meters

Water meters

Products in roller pumps

Gas meter



Plain bearing in hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Plain bearing in pneumatic cylinder

Pneumatic cylinder

Products in gas struts

Gas strut

Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

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