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Improve technology and reduce costs

For years the igus® motto has been "plastics for longer life®". By this we mean the production of innovative plastic products which reduce maintenance work, achieve technical improvements, at the same time as reducing costs and increasing service life, everything delivered immediately from stock.

Our customers were able to improve the technology and reduce costs in more than 590 applications.
Some examples:

Longest travel in the world - no more downtimes

longest travel in the world  

The e-chain systems® today clearly contribute toward reliability, as system downtime's, for example through cable breaks, are reduced to zero.

Cables defy heat, sun, rain and snow


Previously used cables from a competitor had failed; since then the temperature-resistant Chainflex® cables are used; the larger-than-life size LED screen in Dallas functions in any weather.

Rough environment, high speed


Even in particularly aggressive ambient conditions like in this high speed machining center, energy supply systems prove their reliability.

Costs saved, machine
availability increased


As iglide® plain bearings have a long service life, and in addition need not be lubricated and costs only a fraction compared to conventional bearings, 90% of the costs could be saved.

More than Euro 10,000 saved each year


The previously used bearings were blocked and the shafts used to break. The self-lubricating igubal® flange bearings used instead have been operating since May 2007 without failure. This saved Euro 2,440 in repair costs and Euro 8,400 in machine stoppages each year.

Trouble-free operation instead of shaft destruction

drylin applications  

Due to the dirt accumulation in the ball bearings, the balls were blocked and the shafts were destroyed. The concrete cutting machine has now run for over three years entirely free of troubles despite the extremely heavy-duty operation.


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Industry sector:
Case of application:

Solar cleaning robot

For solar systems to retain their entire performance capacity, they have to be cleaned at regular intervals, particularly in sandy regions.

Solar cleaning robot    

Solar energy on a sailing boat

For protection against outdoor influences the connection cables of the solar cell were mounted in an E2 micro energy chain.

Solar energy on a sailing boat    

Photovoltaic tracking system

Wind, sand and sun: Plastic plain bearing for solar technology

Photovoltaic tracking system    

Photovoltaic tracking system

Automatically aligning the photovoltaic tracking systems to the position of the sun with the aid of self-lubricating plastic plain bearings produces a particularly high efficiency.

Photovoltaic tracking system    


Dust, sand, heat and rain: Energy chain for the solar technology for multiaxial movements in a photovoltaic plant.


Test rig for solar systems

This test rig was able to be built thanks to the use of igus® e-chains®.

Test rig for solar systems    

Solar plant

This solar system can be installed either on its own or in combination with a wind turbine.

Solar plant    
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