Maintenance-free, self-lubricating parts for the aircraft and aviation industry

The aerospace/aviation industry consists of many different areas: the aircraft itself (e.g. airplane, helicopter or drone/UAV), the airport surroundings including ground support (GSE) as well as space technology. Here, the various segments have different requirements. Low weight, long service life, quiet operation and great robustness are among the most important of those requirements, and our motion plastics meet them. They also comply with the FAR 25.853 fire protection standard. Our wide range of products offers cost-effective solutions in all segments – always in keeping with our motto.  


  • Light & inexpensive with plastic & aluminum parts
  • Wind & water-resistant materials suitable for aviation


  • Completely maintenance-free & self-lubricating
  • High stress capacity, longer service life, less maintenance
  • Custom 3D printed & injection molded parts


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e-chain® cable carriers

e200 e-chain

  • Quiet, wear-resistant and vibration-resistant
  • Highly stable and durable
  • Long travels

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chainflex® cables

chainflex cables

  • For highest stress
  • Largest assortment with 1.354 cable types
  • 25 years of experience - 36 months warranty

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drylin® linear guides & actuators

drylin® linear guides expert

  • Ready-to-connect actuators with drive & motor
  • Belt and Leadscrew driven actuators
  • Grease-free, lightweight linear guides

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igubal® spherical bearings

igubal spherical bearings

  • Up to 40% more cost-effective than metal
  • 80% lighter than metallic alternatives
  • Self-lubricating & low-maintenance

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iglide® plain bearings

iglide® plain bearings

  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Dirt and dust-resistant
  • Wide range of standard products

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Custom Parts Services

Custom Components

  • 3D SLS Printing Service for Prototyping
  • Variety of wear-resistant materials
  • Injection Molding & Custom Machining Services

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Customer Applications

Hot air balloon record

Hot air balloon

A world record for flight altitude in a hot-air balloon partly owes its success to the iglide® plastic bushings used in its pressurized capsule, escape hatches, and lower seat structure.

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Salvaging space scrap

Satellite salvage service

In each robot in the scrap salvation simulation facility, one Triflex® R e-chain is used with a Triflex® RS universal module as well as a chain of the 410 series on the linear axis.

Airplane wing design

airplane wing

German airplane manufacturer DFG wanted to improve the flow of air through the airfoils of their airplane wings. They did so using iglide® plastic plain bearings as the ideal solution.

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