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Increase performance, reliability, and ROI of your equipment with energy chain systems®

energy chain® high strength plastic cable carriers have been trusted and proven on thousands of cranes worldwide for over 30 years. While unforgiving environmental factors such as high winds, UV rays, salt water, and extreme temperature swings, can cause critical failures on traditional cable management systems like festoons, high strength plastic cable carriers are able to stand up to even the harshest conditions day after day.

Trusted by major crane manufacturers, e-chain systems® are quickly becoming the “go-to” technology for even the most challenging applications. Learn more below about how igus® cable management systems can benefit cranes of all types.

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How can energy chains® improve your current system?

Festoon vs. e-chain®

With e-chain systems® igus® offers a secure and modular alternative to festooning systems in cranes, with which you can save cables and avoid downtimes.

e-spool vs cable reel  
Cable reel vs. e-chain®

Cable reels have been used in cranes and other moving machines to manage and distribute cables. These cable reels are often large, slow, and require a lot of maintenance-- something that an energy chain system® does without.

Busbar vs e-chain  
Busbar vs. e-chain®

energy chain systems® offer alternatives to busbar systems that last longer and are more efficient. Learn more about how e-chain® can help you with your machines!

Crane applications

Typical applications for e-chain systems® on cranes

Bulkhandling Cranes applications

igus® applications and references with Bulkhandling Cranes.

Bulkhandling Cranes applications    

Reachstackers applications

igus® applications and references with reachstacker cranes.

Reachstackers applications    

STS applications

igus® applications and references with STS cranes. Over 400 applications worldwide.

STS applications    

RTGs / RMGs applications

igus® applications and references with RTG & RMG cranes. Over 3000 applications worldwide.

RTGs / RMGs applications    

Indoor Cranes

igus® applications and references with Indoor Cranes.

Indoor Cranes    

Solutions for cranes - e-chains®, cables and accessories

Coupling for the harbor crane  
Automatic coupling up of e-chains®
igus® coupling for the harbor crane, for example, RTG (rubber tyred gantry).

Safe transmission of FOC signals too

Different fillings and travels

Saves operating costs of RTSs

Protects the environment


P4 roller energy chain®  
P4 roller energy chain
Quiet, wear-resistant, long travels, high speed

Smooth, low noise operation through identical pitch length for links with and without rollers

Grooved roller running on continuous, plain surface

Large glide area for rollers

Large e-chains® for all applications

Smooth, cable friendly inner surfaces

Low noise through integrated "brake"

Straight run and fast assembly through inner-/outer link design

Low friction solution to long distance travels

Built-in wheels to facilitate long distance travels

Longer travel, heavier load and faster speed applications possible

Speeds up to 32.8 feet per second possible

Flexible cables

Especially for the crane industry.

Strain Relief Devices  
Strain relief
Even more versatility and faster assembly

Optimized double fixation element, cannot be lost thanks to locking nib

Easier assembly


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