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Drilling rig handling system

“drylin® R is great for this dirty environment. It works despite the harsh elements and requires no grease, which is a magnet for dirt. igus®’ off-the-shelf solutions are fast and the fact that we get them right away is priceless.”
- Vice President of Engineering

Dirt and mud resistant

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of portable drilling rigs uses drylin® R linear bearings in a unique, automatic rod-handling system. The machine is designed to eliminate the need for winches and excessive manpower during the drilling process.

drylin® R linear bearings run on drylin® aluminum shafting, enable the equipment to handle and load drill pipes weighing up to 75 pounds.

drylin® R linear bearings enable the loader to move back and forth while it picks up and places pipes.

linear bearings on drilling rig

Previously, the equipment used a rack and pinion, but dirt and mud constantly onto the components created sludge which caused the system to fail.

In contrast, drylin® R linear bearings are impervious to the the demanding environment in which the drilling machines operate. They provide a dirt resistant, maintenance free solution.

More than 1,000 cycles a day

Wear-resistant drylin® R drastically reduced downtime for end users. The linear bearings regularly perform over 1,000 cycles per day on the company’s drilling machines.

End users also benefit from the design of drylin® R, which has a replaceable liner and comes with a split aluminum adapter. The plastic liner is made from igus®’ iglide® J200 material and can be pushed easily onto the shaft.

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