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Application examples in furniture making / interior designing / design

Ergonomic office chair

Self-lubricating plastic bearings for ergonomic office chair

Masterpiece in carpentry

The table tops can move in a linear direction

Design football table

This football table, made of concrete, allows accurate goal kicks and defensive actions every time.

Organizing furniture

There are no squeaks in this furniture.

Rocking chair

This freely rocking chair has nothing in common with grandpa‘s rocking chair.

Side table

Pivot and rotate with plastic plain bearings - lubricant-free designer furniture with iglide®

Interactive mirror

This mirror understands what people mean by their gestures.

Video wall

This video wall is simple to install and customize.


Once it‘s dark, these sunshades can be folded open and illuminated for a nice ambiance.

Presentation platform

This submission to the manus® competition puts cars and boats perfectly in the spotlight.

Slatted frame

Anyone who finds it arduous to buy a bed should pay close attention to this news.


A maintenance-free DryLin® liner guide system was used in a sideboard to move the upper elements in a flexible manner.

Table with a concept

A DryLin® linear guide has been opted in the production of a table due to its freedom from maintenance.

Sliding worktop

The solid worktop can be moved on glide rails, increasing the working surface of the desk.

Pull-out tray in watch safe

In a very high quality watch safe, the sliding pull-out trays were implemented with linear profile guides.

Office chair

A special-design iglide® bushing helps this swivel office chair automatically adjust to the weight of the user.

Cable protection

With consistent yet flexible shape, triflex®R energy chains conceal every cable in a neat and orderly manner.

Height adjustment

All cables vanish thanks to the E2 mini energy chain. Thus order prevails on the desktop and the unessential is concealed.

Media elevator

A solution for media elevators previously unavailable in the market has now beenrealised with igus® e-chain systems®.

Home entertainment systems

drylin® is used for its low cost, low weight, and quiet operation on TV screen cover-up.

Adjustable speaker’s desk

This height-adjustable speaker’s desk is very flexible in its features.

Intelligent glass door

An E3 series E-Chain® ensures the quiet operation of this roller gate and supplies the gate with the necessary power.

Presentation system

Outstanding presentations with the "beamflizzer" without the distracting cable-jungle.

Lighting systems

Adjustable heights on in-store and wall mounted lighting systems.

Furniture factory

chainflex® control cables have to be flexible enough to cope with 14-hour work days on this leather-cutting machine.

Seating systems

iglide® plastic bushings for car seating.

Linear slide bearings

Sliding door

Linear guide DryLin® N in sliding door for room partitioning: for smooth gliding with silent run

linear guide
DryLin® toothed belt axis ZLW in show equipment

Cable protection systems


Orderly and tidy workplaces are a must for every office. By the flexible, all axis movement of the Triflex® R, misalignment's can be compensated unlike "stiff" cable guides.


The eye-catching square chains for cables and tubes satisfy the customers by their tidy and well-defined shapes. Also interesting for private spaces like TV rooms or writing tables!

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