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Heavy Duty cable carriers

energy chain line for the demanding applications

This Heavy Duty cable carrier line was developed with the following applications in mind:

High loads

Long travels

Extreme dirt accumulation

The improved E4/4 Heavy Duty takes plastic cable carriers to another level. Strength and service life are improved by significantly increasing the gliding and load bearing surfaces. E4/4 Heavy Duty also withstands higher push/pull forces with the same inner dimensions as the regular E4/4 series. Supplied from stock for the HD series:

Roller feature to reduce tensile/shear forces

Extension link for creating larger widths and increasing the load capacity

Interior separators

Mounting brackets for both the fixed and moving ends

Rollers extend 0.3 mm over the side link of Rol e-chain® Rol e-chain®: rollers extend 0.3 mm over the side link: Reduces the drive power required to move the cable carrier to below 25% . Travels up to 2,625 feet possible.
5050 HD to classic 5050: Y: +120%, X: +7,5 mm 4040 HD to classic 4040: Y: +140%, X: +9 mm

Serie Inner height
Hi [mm]
Inner width
Bi [mm]
Outer width
Bi [mm]
Outer height
Ba [mm]
Bending radius
R [mm]
With roles  
4040HD 56 50-600 104-664 84 135-500 4040RHD  inquire
5050HD 80 50-600 110-660 108 150-1000 5050RHD  inquire