iglide® in Indian rickshaws

Documentation: igus® in India

iglide® bushing in an Indian rickshaw. A film on all the innovations igus® offers for rickshaws.

Application 1:

Main hub bearing of the anti-dive system

The three-wheeler has a mechanism which protects from carting over while braking. This so-called anti-dive system is a connecting mechanism with four rods. The main hub of this connection is guided in an igus® bushing RN56SM-5560-20S. Oscillating motions occur during application. The bushing load is the vehicle's plus the weight of the passengers and the inertial forces (about 3 tons). Earlier a bronze bushing with grooves for the lubrication and punched holes with graphite filling at the edge was used. The lubrication gave out regularly and hence the bushing wore out fast and the clearance increased; loud noise and strong impacts on the steering handle were the consequences during braking. igus® was the comprehensive solution in terms of the wear parameters, a self-lubricating design for application on dirty and bad roads as well as for the comfort of the driver and passengers.

Application 2:

Washer in the starter's bentex mechanism

The starter motor has a bentex mechanism which is a spring-loaded system that pushes the coupling of the starter motor to engage the spur gear of the flywheel. The spring is encased in a double cap, through which the drive shaft passes. Once the engine starts, the increase in rpm will cause a reversal of the drive. Now the coupling returns back due to the spring pressure. The igus® component WTM-2128-010 S is used between the spring cap and the coupling This acts as a gliding element because of the lower coefficients of friction and isolates the rotary motion thereby safeguarding the costly spring. Earlier the spring used to fail constantly due to twisting, as it used to rotate along with the retreating coupling. This meant the bentex mechanism and the starter wouldn't function any more.

Application 3:

Cable actuator guide bushing for decompression valve

In diesel vehicles there is a need to create a pressure in the cylinder before starting the engine. This is done by a simple lever which causes the valve to open and forces the air out of the cylinder. As the air moves out, it forces the piston also to move and sets momentum which will help in the starting of the engine. The igus® GSM-1012-12 bushing is press-fitted in the cylinder head cover and the cable actuator pin passes through it. The application has oscillating movements. There was no bushing used earlier and this caused the wear on the cylinder head cover leading to big clearances causing the cable to stretch at an angle and eventually get severed. The use of the igus® bushing has prevented and safeguarded both the actuator pin as well as the cylinder head cover

Application 4:

Manual starter guide bushing

The RSM-1820-25 bushing is directly used to guide the manual starter during the starting operation. The application is oscillating and transfers large forces on account of the long lever. The bushing comes directly under the vehicle body and is exposed to heavy dirt accumulation. The lubricated bushings used to have high wear due to the lubricant absorbing dirt and forming an abrasive paste causing high wear. The igus® dry running bushing causes no such worries.

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