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Offshore application examples

Application examples with energy chains and cables

Container Crane: Malaysia

Close to 1,500 ft (441 m) travel and loads up to 2.5 tons on a container crane in Malaysia.

Cable Carrier System for ship-unloading crane

Heavy duty Series 5050HD plastic cable carriers supply the crane drive on this ship unloader.

Sludge processing plant

World's biggest polymer energy chain: Being many times lighter than comparable steel chains it easily moves over 100 kg of filling per meter.

OpenHydro tidal turbine

This OpenHydro tidal turbine generates electrical power through the inflow and outflow of water.

Underwater boring machine

This drill is used in extremely demanding offshore environments and uses continuous-flex cables from igus®

Self-stabilizing platform "Ampelmann“

This platform, which has been given the name “Ampelmann”, is used on the open sea.


The service boats of a wind farm operator are prepared for use at this pontoon in Barrow-in-Furness, Great Britain.

Offshore application examples with energy chains and cables

Offshore application examples with energy chains and cables

Application examples with plastic plain bearings


iglide® G300 plastic bushings, drylin® N linear slides and igubal® rod ends are used in this inspection device for an offshore drilling riser.

Roller chains

iglide® plastic bushings in rust-proof roller chains on the high seas.

Drill rig

The drill rig is designed to take core samples from the seabed at 9,843 ft water depth. It is a scientific instrument...

Subsea ROVs

A tether management system (TMS) has various pivot, linear and rotary motion points. It works like a subsea parking point...