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Offshore application examples with energy chains and cables

Durable, modular, resistant to corrosion and easy to install: igus® e-chain systems® for difficult fillings in rough environments.
Here you will find application examples from various fields of the offshore industry.

Rig Skidding

Rig Skidding
Rig Skidding

Jack up rig, China

Transverse travel Travel: 6,4 m
Additional load: 37,7 kg/m
Speed max.: 0,3 m/s
e-chain®: 800.40.600.0
Longitudinal travel Travel: 19,2 m
Additional load: 74,5 kg/m
Speed max.: 0,3 m/s
e-chain®: 600.25/178/178/25.600.0

Rig Skidding
Rig Skidding

Reference from 1993

e-chain®: 50.20/20/20.400.0
Additional load: 39 kg/m
Travel stoke: 42 m

Rig Skidding

Claymore drill rig, North Sea

e-chain®: 5050.18/18/18/18.450.0
Additional load: 36.5 kg/m
Travel stroke: 29.7 m

Rig Skidding and long travel application

Rig Skidding Rig skidding concept E4.350 for huge hoses and cables. Smaller cables guided with E4.168 and E4.112. Cable and hose guidance is improved and the access is much better.
Rig Skidding

AMORAS - long travel reference in the Port of Antwerp

Travel: 137 m
Speed max.: 1,5 m/s
Acceleration: 1 m/s²
e-chain®: E4.350R.500.1000.0
chainflex®: CF300
Total fill weight: 100 kg/m

Rig Skidding

Jack-up rig, Caspian Sea

Year Built: 2000
Nested e-chains®: 600.45/45.350.0, 600.45/45.500.0
Additional load: 267 kg/m
Travel stroke: 21,5 m

Rig Skidding
Rig Skidding
Rig Skidding
Rig Skidding

Pipe Handling

Pipe Handling Gantry Crane with e-chain® 5050C.26.250.0
Pipe Handling Long travel with e-chain® 5050C.55.400.0
Pipe Handling Vertical pipe handling systems with opposing e-chains® E4.80.23.300.0
Pipe Handling NOV Starracker with Series 600
Pipe Handling Starracker with e-chain® 60020/25/25.500.0
Pipe Handling Catwalk machine with e-chain® 5050C.25.200.0

Heavy Lifting with heavy duty rol e-chains®

Heavy Lifting

Sheerleg Crane 1, Singapore

e-chain®: 5050.15/17/15.300.0
Additional load: 34,6 kg/m
Travel: 54 m
Speed: 1,0 m/s
Acceleration max.: 1,0 m/s²
Installation/commissioning: 2001

Heavy Lifting

Sheerleg Crane 2, Singapore

e-chain®: 5050RHD.18/18/18/18.300.S10.0.E
Additional load: 45 kg/m
Travel: 74,4 m
Speed: 1,2 m/s
Acceleration max: 1,0 m/s²
Installation/commissioning: 2014

Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting, Jack-up vessel, 900° Multi Rotation Module

INNOVATION: Windmill installation vessel

Operation area: North Sea
Rotation angle: 900°
e-chains®: E4.56.60.200/6000.0, E4.56.60.300.6000.0
chainflex® cables: CF300, CF34, CF10 CFPE, CFLG, CFBUS
igus® has desigened customized rotary trough system for the Innovation and Vidar. Assembly and commissioning of both systems done at Crist Shipyard in Gdynia, Poland
The Innovation is a havy lift jack-up vessel and is built to install and maintain offshore wind farms. The igus® Multi Rotation Module is the main power supply for the “crane around the leg” and the 2 layer design allows a rotation angle of 900°.

Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting with standardised Rotary Systems

Power Supply for rotary crane

Rotation angle: 470°
Speed: 1,82°/s
e-chain®: 4040C.40/40.300/3792.0
chainflex: CF27, CF11, CF14, CF Koax, CFLG
Split guide trough system
Total weight of e-chain® and cables: 3,5 t

Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting

Opposing e-chains® series 5050 with igus® guide trough system and support structure – outer diameter: 12 m, rotation angle 340°

Heavy Lifting

Rotary system with “floating islands” for safe operation on rough Sea – rotation angle 540°

Heavy Lifting e-chain® 4040C

Pipe Lay Vessel

Flexlay vessel: Seven Waves

The vertical tiltable lay tower works with the biggest polymer chain in the world.
e-chain®: E4.350.800.1000.0
Additional load: 120 kg/m

Pipe Lay Vessel
Pipe Lay Vessel Long travel with E4.56
Pipe Lay Vessel ROV A-Frame with E4.42
Pipe Lay Vessel Series 4040 on vertical tensioner
Pipe Lay Vessel
Pipe Lay Vessel E4.350 at the hinge Point of the lay tower

ATEX/ESD solutions for FPSOs

igus® rol e-chain® on a maintenance

e-chain®: E4.350.450.1100.0.ESD. E44
Additional load: 108 kg/m
Travel stroke: 14,7 m
Stainless steel guide trough with hook solution

ATEX/ESD solutions


The conductive material igumid ESD has offered explosion protection and protection against electrostatic buildup since 2002. This material is based on a material which was developed as early as 1992, modified in 2002 and certified by the PTB as early as eleven years ago.

igumid ESD with PTB certificate

All standard e.chains® available in igumid ESD

Tested and successfully proven in explosionprotection areas for many years

Marking: II 2 GD – Special color of the ESD e.chain® color: gray (similar to RAL 7015)

ATEX/ESD solutions ATEX version igus® e-chain system®, series E4, harnessed with hydraulic hoses and igus® chainflex® cables. Here shown on a test stand, now in Operation on Dalia FPSO (linear motion of mooring)
ATEX/ESD solutions E4.350 to be installed on a skidding application on a FPSO. Stainless steel guide trough with hook solution.
ATEX/ESD solutions

Anchor Handling Tug Supply deepwater construction vessels

Anchor- and System-handling vessels with igus® e-chains®

The A-Frame structure of this vessel works with e-chain® 5050C.47.400/400.0. The special design with a “reversed bending radius“ allows safe operation to any position on the vessel. The system was installed and commissioned in year 2008.

Anchor Handling
Anchor Handling
Anchor Handling
Anchor Handling
Anchor Handling

Vessel: Aegir

The heavy lift crane has a max. rotation angle of 560° and igus® e-chains® guide the cable package for the main hoist- and the slewing-system.
The lay-tower is equipped with two paralell E4.350 e-chains®.

ATEX/ESD solutions
ATEX/ESD solutions
ATEX/ESD solutions
ATEX/ESD solutions
ATEX/ESD solutions

Access Platforms and other references

Acess Plattforms

Self-stabilizing platform “Ampelmann”

This platform, which has been given the Name “Ampelmann”, is used on the open sea. It automatically compensates all wave movements, so that safe work can be done on oil platforms from a ship base. For this purpose, the platform is supported by several hydraulic cylinders. The energy supply to the platform is guaranteed by igus® triflex® R energy chains.
e-chain®: E4.
chainflex® cables: CF78.UL.15.25, CF78.UL.15.25, CFBUS.045, CFPE.100.01

Acess Plattforms
Acess Plattforms
Acess Plattforms
Acess Plattforms e-chains® Series 600 and drylin® linear slides on automated “multi roughneck”.
Acess Plattforms OpenHydro tidal turbine, UK
e-chain® 4040 and chainflex® cables follow the turbine into the sea water.
Acess Plattforms Vertical boom riser crane with Series 5050C.
Acess Plattforms Unsupported cross travel with e-chain® 4040C and stainless steel guide trough.
Acess Plattforms Corrosion free, UV- and sea water resistant:
Fully harnessed e.chain® series 600 in a hanging application with high fill weights and sea water resistant. (North Sea)
Acess Plattforms Ampelmann Access Platform in action

Customer applications

Are you looking for proven application examples in a certain industry?
Here you can browse through already implemented applications and filter them according to your specifications.