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mobile SPO (Shore power outlet)

igus® mobile SPO technology for terminals

Brownfield terminals

For existing terminals, retrofitting shore power is not only a challenging planning issue but is also very cost-intensive. Ports that have been already equipped for shore power often carried out detailed analyses of the mooring positions of vessels to determine the exact connecting positions in order to reduce amounts of stationary SPOs. The SPOs were then integrated into the quay as permanently installed systems every 328 to 394 ft.

But today new and larger vessels calling at these ports. In many cases they cannot connect to the existing SPOs as the installed cable management onboard is located in a different position. Whether new SPOs have to be installed or existing ones have to be extended. Installing additional stationary SPOs is that cost-intensive that alternative solutions have to be considered.

Find out how you can profit from the igus® mobile SPO with the e-chain® reel. Develop a safe and long lasting solution. Design your shore power supply system flexibly to meet the needs of the future.

Greenfield terminals

When new terminals are being planned, stationary SPOs need to be considered at an early stage. As the extended cable length of the cable guidance system on board ships is restricted to 115-180 ft, a stationary SPO has to be installed every 98-164 ft. For a terminal of approx. 1,312 ft in length, this means that 8-15 SPOs have to be installed.

All SPOs have to be connected to switchgear in the distribution station. The costs are immense. Connecting the cables (6.7 lbs/ft) that come from the ship involves a huge amount of work for the port personnel. Several people are needed to handle the cables.

An alternative solution is a shore power supply system with mobile SPOs. With the igus® e-chain® technology for long travels, distances of up to 2,625 ft can be covered. The combination of shore power supply and power & data supply for the STS cranes offers further potential for savings.

e-chain® reel

e-chain® reel

Flexibility for existing and new shore power connections

Protected cable guidance

Increases safety and durability

igus® mobile SPO (Shore power outlet)

Long travels for mobile SPO

Travels of 2,625 ft and more possible

Proven technology, longer service life, cost-efficient

Modular design