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Other products and special solutions

iglide® knife edge rollers

Knife-edge rollers for conveyor belt deflection.

Washable bearing solutions

Washable bearing solutions

Defined cleaning inside and outside

Proven absence of nucleation through deliberate flushing process with PES (H2O2) - FDA-accepted

No lubrication above the open product

No stick-slip even after cleaning due to blunt shafts

Double flange bearing

Double flange bearing

Quick mounting

No water lubrication needed

Very good adhesion-factor, even after cleaning

Good price

Easy assembling & self-locking

High push out force necessary

Simple change from previous solution here to

iglide® piston rings

iglide® piston rings

For linear, pivoting and rotating movements

Easy to handle

Low-price injection-molded part


Defined clearance

No deformation by higher loads

Leadscrew system solutions

Leadscrew system

For format adjustments





Up to 176°F

Stainless steel solutions

Stainless steel solutions

For extreme resistance to all media

High corrosion and chemical resistance


Temperature-resistant up to +482º F


Chemical resistant


iglide® special parts for packaging machines ... dry-tech® solutions

Ready made or custom made

Everything is possible - iglide® special parts and solutions

Special design solutions such as double flange bearings, piston rings, washable bearings, 2-component rollers. Almost nothing is impossible. iglide® offers you self-lubricating and maintenance-free bearing solutions in line with your requirements, off-the-shelf or specially customized to your applications:

iglide® special parts and solutions

For you, "ready made" means ...

Selection from over 7381 standard dimensions

Quick availability


For you, "custom made" means ...

"Tailor made" problem solutions for your application

Suitable for wash-down

Double flange bearings

Spherical knife edge rollers