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Plastic bushings for ski bindings

“The iglide® series of bearings has worked flawlessly for the past three winters and we have seen no failures at all with the bearing. Hundreds of skiers are now using the product all over the world with confidence in large part due to the iglide® bearings.”
- Company President

Cold and wet environment

A manufacturer of high-end ski bindings developed a telemark binding that experienced breakage and failure in its initial tests.

The company switched out the bearings it had been using for iglide® L280 and iglide® J plastic bushings from igus®. The bushings had to be small and low profile enough to fit into a limited space. They also needed to be lightweight - as telemark skiers are particularly weight conscious - and had to either last the life expectancy of the entire product or be very easy to replace.

There were other considerations. The bushings needed to offer a high tensile strength in order to withstand high loads. They had to absorb very little moisture and tolerate extremely low temperatures so that they could survive the snow-covered slopes. Cost was also, inevitably, a consideration.

plastic bushings  
Ski binding plastic bushing  

The iglide® bushings were the only ones found to fulfill each requirement. iglide® L280 is used in the knuckle, which enables the heel of the skier’s boot to raise and lower with each turn. iglide® J is used in the rear case.

The failure of these bushings is not an option, since the well-being and life of a skier using the bindings is at stake.

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