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e-chains® for Cranes

System E4: The standard energy chain for Spreaders,

crane cable carrier Series E4/00
crane drag chain Series E4/4

Series E4/00 and series E4/4

The special features of these igus® energy chain ranges are their high stability and quiet running. All systems can be opened on two sides and equipped with various mounting brackets. Unsupported applications, e.g. for spreaders, are as reliable as sliding applications for trolley and crane travel.

Long unsupported length for side-mounted applications

High torsional rigidity

Rugged performance in harsh environments

Vertical Separators

Vertical separators are adjustable and can be placed at any point along the chain's cross-section. The standard separator is used for vertical subdivision. Because they are slotted, separators can also be used vertically/horizontally to form simple compartments. All separators are adjustable, but may be fixed in place with spacers (chains only). Spacers are most often necessary with side-mounted applications.

crane cable separator Vertical Separator, Lockung Separator and Spacer


This option is ideal for applications involving many cables with a wide range of diameters. When specifying interior shelving, a minimum clearance of 10 mm on one side with respect to the side wall of the chain link, is required. A vertical separator is used to divide the carrier into compartments and to accomodate the shelves. The side plate accomodates the shelves directly at the sides of the carrier.

crane cable separator with shelves Side Plate, Vertical Separator, Slotted Separator and Shelves

Cables in e-chains®

Cables and hoses with very different diameters should be laid seperately. Modular separators are used.

Under no circumstances may cables and hoses be allowed to tangle. This means that the clearance height of a compartment with several similar adjacent cables or hoses must not amount to more than one and a half times the cables or hose diameter.

crane energy chain system® with interior separator Neatly laid cables with igus® interior separation. The cables and hoses must be laid in such a way that they can move freely at all times and that no tensile force is exerted at the radius of the energy chain.