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Below-stage equipment

Power and data cables must be safely and reliably guided in the narrowest of installation spaces under the stage floor. This is a place where e-spool® systems and zig-zag e-chains® from igus® have already performed successfully in ensuring that the energy necessary for moving the stage floor is supplied.

  • Data, power, light and hydraulics guided safely and reliably
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Quiet and low-vibration
  • For smallest bend radii and installation spaces
  • Robust and easy to install
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Suitable products for below-stage equipment

Zig-zag system

Zig-zag system  

  • Robust and quiet
  • Cost-effective and space-saving solution
  • Application suspended vertically



  • Cable drum without slip ring
  • Different media and diameters in one drum
  • Different travels possible

chainflex® control cable

chainflex® cables  

  • For flexible use
  • Flame-retardant
  • Halogen-free
  • Can be supplied with popular connectors

Reference projects

Double-stroke platforms

Safe and reliable guidance in narrow installation space

igus® cable drum without slip ring has already stood the test in stage platform systems. It is able to guide cables for different media and of different diameters and is designed to be extremely flexible in design.

Double-stroke platforms

Stage platforms

Guide all media and still save space

and perform their tasks in the workings of the platform at Cologne opera house, ensuring supplies of power, data and hydraulics to move the stage floor. They are cost-effective and can be installed in tight spaces thanks to their compact design.

e-spool and zig-zag systems in stage platforms

The House of Dancing Water

Stroke heights of many meters and high loads possible

zig-zag e-chains® ensure power supplies for The House of Dancing Water in Macau. All media cables (energy, data, hydraulics, pneumatics) are guided safely and reliably in one system.

The House of Dancing Water

Stage platform

Quiet and low vibration movement

Bühnentechnik Theater uses igus® drylin® W linear guides in the stage lifting device for the platform in Berlin concert hall. They are not only quiet and low vibration but, as they are self-lubricating, virtually no more maintenance costs are incurred.

Stage platform
igus® test lab  

Tested in the laboratory

All products are checked in the igus® test laboratory, the largest in the industry, under real-life conditions with regard to wear and durability. This makes it possible to accurately predict their service life. Upon request, igus® carries out customer tests so as to check the use of the products under completely unique conditions.

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