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Applications using drylin® screw drives

Hygienic, maintenance-free, quiet

drylin® lead screw technology is self-lubricating, as stainless-steel or hard anodized aluminum screws are combined with tribologically-optimized iglide® plastic bearings. By eliminating lubrication, the highest hygiene requirements can be met. These features, as well as quiet operation and corrosion-resistance, ensure high performance and extended service life in applications including format adjustments, medical technology, bottling plants or 3D printing.

Typical industrial sectors and applications: Classic format adjustments and lifting applications can be implemented with the self-locking trapezoidal thread.

Leadscrew application

Shutoff valve

Plastic plain bearings in process engineering: Completely maintenance and self-lubricating

Lab equipment for liquid handling

drylin® trapezoidal lead screw drives are used in this laboratory equipment for liquid handling.

Paper processing machines

By the use of clearance-free pretensioned nuts in format changing systems in the paper industry, a precise and maintenance-free adjustment of the formats is enabled.

Textile industry

A total of 239 iglide® plastic bushings and drylin® linear bearings are installed in this leather-splitting machine.

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