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DryLin® SLN - Low profile linear axis with motor


3 lead screw pitch available, M5 thread (5x0,8 mm), steeper thread 5x5 and 6x12.7

Manual adjustment by hand wheel or electrically driven with motor

Optimized, low-backlash running due to ball bearings

Steep thread versions always with ball bearings

The following type series are distinguished: 1. SLN-27-01: Linear axis for manual operation by hand wheel (SHT-HR-05-22-15-OG)
2. SLN-BB-27-01: Ball bearing linear axis for manual adjustments by hand wheel in 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 mm strokes
3.SLN-{N11}: Linear axis with NEMA11 stepper motor, ball bearing spindle on motor bearing
4. SLN-BB-27-02: Ball bearings linear axis with NEMA11 stepper motor
Additional benefits for all versions:For all versions initiators can be direct and arbitrarily locatable connected to the profile.
Typical application areas:Automatic machinery, medical device and lab engineering, test engineering

Technical data

Order number Max.
stroke length
Weight additional
(per 100 mm)
Max. stat.
load capacity
rotation speed
drive torque
    [g] [g] axial[N] radial[N] [rpm] [Nm]    
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Dimensions [mm]

Order number A Al H E1 E2 E3 l hw lt lb ts tg T/d2 l2 ha    
  ±0,2 -0,1 ±0,2 ±0,15 ±0,15 ±0,15   ±0,2 ±0,2                
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Linear module with motor
Dimensions [mm]

Order number ltm HM AI li l Lm    
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