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Leadscrews and nuts with high helix thread


Up to 100 mm stroke in a rotation lubricant free and wear resistant

For quick adjustments as an alternative to pneumatic or toothed belt.

Various diameters from stock


Wear resistant for maximum service life

Material of the nuts: iglide® J

Steep-threaded spindle

Steep-threaded spindle p = lead
L= length

Part No. lead screws Ø Lead Thread
max. length thread material    
PTGSG-06.35X12.7-R-ES 113.29 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-05X5-R-ES 5 39.37 SG05X05 1.4021 71.28 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-6.35X12.7-R-ES 12,7 39.37 Upon request Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-08X10-R-ES 10 59.06 SG08X10 1.4021 84.08 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-08X15-R-ES 15 59.06 SG08X15 1.4021 84.08 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-10X12-R-ES 12 78.74 SG10X12 1.4021 85.04 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-10X50-R-ES 50 78.74 SG10X50 1.4021 114.11 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-12X25-R-ES 25 78.74 SG12X25 1.4021 100.33 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-18X24-R-ES 24 78.74 SG18X24 1.4021 205.56 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-18X100-R-ES 100 78.74 SG18X100 1.4021 218.16 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-MOT-08X1.5-R-ES Upon request Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-08X10-L-ES 10 59.06 SG08X10 1.4021 98.93 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-10X12-L-ES 12 78.74 SG10X12 1.4021 100.08 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-MOT-10X2-R-ES Upon request Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-10X50-L-ES 50 78.74 SG10X50 1.4021 134.96 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-12X25-L-ES 25 78.74 SG12X25 1.4021 118.44 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-18X24-L-ES 24 78.74 SG18X24 1.4021 244.70 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-18X100-L-ES 100 118.11 SG18X100 1.4021 259.82 USD Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-MOT-12X3-R-ES Upon request Add to shopping cart
PTGSG-MOT-12X6P3-R-ES Upon request Add to shopping cart
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All DryLin® precision lead screws can be custom machined. Please send us your drawing. We'll submit an offer to you in a short time. Upon request, we will also gladly quote metric lead screws in other custom materials or more accurate versions.

Leadscrews, cylindrical

Leadscrews, cylindrical

Part No. Nuts   d2 b1 Thread
d1 x P
    [mm] [mm]      
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Steep thread nuts - flanged nuts

Part No. Nuts   d2 d3 d4 d5 b1 b2 Thread
d1 x P
    [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm]      
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