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robolink® DP 4 or 5 DoF robotic arms with or without control systems

The new generation of robolink®: the control system means that the RL-DP is ready for immediate use. With cables on the inside and individual, igus® not only relies on design. The robot's four-axis or five-axis versions are even more precise, faster and more durable than their predecessors. Due to the injection-molded housing, the RL-DP is currently the most cost-effective among the robolink® robots.


  • Payload up to 30N
  • Cycle times > 6s
  • Reach up to 790mm
  • Available as 4-DOF or 5-DOF (degrees of freedom) 
  • Optimized bearing of the single axes for low
  • Optionally available with the  
  • Individual color selection possible
  • Special version for splash water with IP44 available

Four versions of the robolink® RL-DP available

Four-axis or five-axis robots as control cabinet or top-hat (DIN) rail version

4 degrees of freedom


  • Reach: 620mm
  • Payload: 30N

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5 degrees of freedom


  • Reach: 790mm
  • Payload: 30N

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Tech up

Tech up

  • robolink® articulated arm robot with four or five degrees of freedom
  • Standard color black, individual colour and logo possible
  • Payload up to 30N
  • Cycle times > 7s

Cost down

Cost down

  • Cost-effective, robust design
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Simple programming and control system through igus Robot Control
  • Adapter disc compatible for e.g. grippers and vision



  • Reach up to 790mm (5 DOF)
  • Tested: up to 3,000,000 cycles at 100 payload of 110 gr



  • Robot without lubrication
  • Materials can be recycled

Control system in the control cabinet or DIN rail

Robot control system control cabinet
Learn more about the control system

Software for programming

Robot programming with igus Robot Control
Learn more about the software

New: Splash-proof robolink® RL-DP

Available as 4 DoF or 5 DoF

Tech up

  • Splash-proof thanks to robot joints that have been
  • tribologically optimised for Protection Class IP 44
  • Joining links made of stainless steel
  • Motors with Protection Class IP 65 encoder
  • Payload up to 20N
  • Cycle times > 7s
  • Reach up to 620mm
Cost down
  • Lightweight, compact robot variant for use under extreme conditions
  • Splash-proof robot directly as standard, no minimum order quantity for efficiency

Splash-proof RL-DP

Technical data

  4 DOF*5 DOF*  
Operating voltage[VDC]2424
Nominal power (at full load)[W]120120
Max. payload (incl. gripper)[Kg]33
Weight (without power supply unit, ext.) Display[kg]21,422,4
Precision (WDH precision)[mm]±1±1
*DOF: degree of freedom


Technical data sheet RL-DP
STEP data - RL-DP-5
STEP data - RL-DP-4
Working space RL-DP-4
Working space RL-DP-5