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drylin® T: Adjusting the clearance

drylin® T linear guides are delivered with a pre-adjusted clearance ready for installation. This pre-adjustment is determined by the acting forces on each individual system. If you have special requirements, please indicate in your order whether particularly limited or extended bearing clearance is required. If necessary, the clearance of the drylin® T linear guide system can also be re-adjusted later. This should always take place when there is no load on the carriage.

Lateral guide Lateral guide:
- less clearance, + more clearance
Vertical guide left Vertical guide left
Vertical guide right Vertical guide right

After removing the protective cover, loosen the locknuts. Width across flats:

SW 5 for TW-01-15 and TW-01-20

SW 7 for TW-01-25 and TW-01-30

Reset the bearing clearance for the 3 guide points with an Allen wrench. Allen key size:

0.06" (1.5 mm) for TW-01-15 and TW-01-20

0.08" (2 mm) for TW-01-25 and TW-01-30

Check the clearance of the carriage after adjusting the 3 levels. If it is sufficient, tighten the locknuts and put on the cover.

In the event that excessive reduction of the clearances seizes the sliding pads and the clearance can not be reset simply by loosening the adjustment screws, the sliding pads can be released by pressing the reset button on the opposite side. Press hard against the readjusting spring. You must have already loosened the respective adjustment screws. Use the correct size pin for this purpose:

0.06” (1.5 mm) for TW-01-20 and TW-01-15

0.12” (3 mm) for TW-01-25

0.12” (3 mm) for TW-01-30