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DryLin® T - Load information and system design

Load & speed capacity

DryLin® T linear guide systems can hold high static loads because of their large surface areas. The maximum load in the y direction is higher than in the z direction, since the bearing surface is doubled in the y direction. With a low rate of inertia, high accelerations and short-term, extreme speeds up to 49 ft/s are possible.

Load vs speed graph

System design

For the correct calculation of the DryLin® T linear guide system, it must be determined whether the forces that take effect are within permissible limits and whether these overload the gliding element where the highest forces occur.

The calculation of the necessary driving force and the maximum speed allowed is important; each mounting combination requires a different formula for calculation. Factors concerning shocks and acceleration forces are not included in the calculation, therefore the maximum load and allowable load must be monitored.

Designation of load directions
drylin TK permissible static load

Selection Process

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