Low-Noise Linear Bearings from drylin®

Linear plastic solutions from igus® are four times quieter than metal

All drylin® plastic linear bearing solutions are exceptionally quiet-running. Whether your application requires a rail guide, profile guide or shaft guide, igus® guarantees quieter operation than metal counterparts. Instead of rolling on steel balls like recirculating ball bearings, drylin® systems slide on plastic, resulting in significantly less noise and vibration generated. The average noise output of drylin® technology is 20 dB, making it four times quieter than metal. Check out a noise comparison of drylin® vs. metal in this video, or visit the Engineer's Toolbox to learn more.

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4x quieter than metal

Due to it's sliding rather than rolling design, dryiln® linear bearings are about four times quiter than their metal counterparts 

low coefficient of friction

Low friction

drylin® linear bearings offer a low coefficent of friction, allowing for easy sliding and reduced noise.

vibration dampening

Vibration dampening

The vibration dampening technology in drylin® bearings allows for less wear on the components and decreased noise when running.