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Long-life despite demanding environment

Plastic bearings and linear slides in an offshore drilling inspection device

The inspection device semi-automatically scans the entire inner surface of the main pipe of an offshore drilling riser in just one step. Centering units move, guide and center the device in the pipe. Highly sensitive special sensors record the condition of the pipe without making contact. Downstream intelligence evaluates the signals and documents the inspection results.

The equipment is light, reliable and needs minimal maintenance. It is also rugged, user-friendly and resistant to corrosion and other pollutants. The properties of the plastic bushings and linear guides used are in keeping with these features.

Low friction and free from stick-slip

The articulated joints are mounted on iglide® GFM-0810-05 plastic bushings. They are low friction and free from stick-slip. They also minimize the arm system's friction through their integral flanges. The iglide® G300 range is generally recommended for extremely high loads, low to medium speeds and dirt resistance.

rod end bearings

The inspection equipment: 1) Frame, 2) Front centering, 3) Back centering, 4) Sensor system, 5) Electronics

Highly sensitive individual sensors

Each highly sensitive individual sensor is seated on its own drylin® N miniature slide (part no. NK-02-27). The carriages in the low profile slides run oil-free in an anodized aluminum C profile. Characteristics of drylin® N include a lightweight construction, low wear, and a low coefficient of friction. The linear slides also allow for high speeds and accelerations.

Adjustable igubal® rods end bearings (EBRM-05 and EBLM-05) connect the linear slides to the central adjustment. Clevis joints, GERMK-05, serve as counter bearings on both sides. The rod end bearings and clevis joints have extremely low clearance. They are also low friction and free from stick-slip, enabling all of the sensor system’s adjustments to be as smooth and delicate as possible.

linear slide

Sensor system of the inspection equipment: 1) Linear slide system, 2) Rod end bearing

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