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drylin® W exchange bearing now available in stainless steel

Fast bearing change in extreme environments

In innumerable tests in the igus® test laboratory, igus® develops and tests materials for drylin® linear technology. Always with the aim of long durability, as low as possible wear rates and a predictable service life. But the question: "What happens if a bearing has to be changed?"is gaining increasingly in importance.

  • Fast bearing change without disassembly
  • Minimised downtime
  • Complete re-use of all components
  • Simple spare parts management
This is exactly what the drylin® W exchange bearing now also enables for stainless steel linear guides or drive units. Open housing at the side, change bearing, close and you are finished. The system is "new" and ready to use again in a very short time Whether chemical, temperature-related or food-related requirements are concerned, linear liners appropriate for every environment are available. And with a weight of 5 grams, spare parts handling is extremely simple.

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Tech up with igus

Tech up

  • Split stainless steel housing allows changing the bearing directly on the rail
  • No removal of the linear unit
  • User of linear liners made of iglide® X for high chemical resistance
  • Use of linear liners made of iglide® A160/A180 for use with food (FDA/EU-compliant)

Cost down with igus

Cost down

  • Can be used with all drylin® W linear carriages; installation size 20, toothed belt actuator ZLW-20, and linear module SLW-2080, stainless steel
  • Use for drylin® W linear liners made of iglide® X,A180/A160,E7
  • Bearing change within seconds

Proof of the good quality of igus products


  • Tested: iglidur® X resistant to acetone (10%), benzoic acid (20%, aqueous), bleaching solution, drilling oils, butyric acid, seawater, etc. (compl. list)
  • Tested: drylin® W, 4 bearing with linear liner iglidur® X, size 20, 2 shafts made of 1.4571 (AIS316Ti), clearance 400mm, dynamic axial load 250N, synchronous drive, acceleration 1.5m/s², minimum service life 2000km or 650,000 double strokes at 1500mm each

igus products are sustainable


  • Completely lubrication-free operation in adverse environments
  • Linear housing can be used for a lifetime
  • Emission-reduced, replacement parts handling, weight of the linear liner < 5g
  • No contamination in the application environment
  • Maintenance-free due to self-lubricating high-performance polymers from igus®

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