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dryspin lead screw new thread size 5x10

Efficient dryspin® lead screw technology with new pitch

Self-lubricating alternative to ball screws - immediately available in size 5x10

This year as well, we have continued to move forward and have added several sizes to our range of products. The dryspin team works untiringly on the development of new sizes and we are therefore able to present a new thread size in Autumn.
All types of lead screw nuts are now available in size 5x10.
► Cylindrical lead screw nuts 
Flanged lead screw nuts 
Cylindrical lead screw nuts with spanner flat
Flanged lead screw nuts with spanner flat
Cylindrical injection-molded lead screw nuts
Injection-molded lead screw nuts with flange

Shop new dryspin® lead screw size 5x10

Thread size

Tech up

  • New dryspin® thread size as alternative to trapezoidal thread
  • Less noise during operation at high speeds
  • Low noise and vibration operation
  • Lead screw nut in cylindrical design or with flange

Thread size

Cost down

  • Cost-effective production in injection molding
  • Maintenance-free due to self-lubrication lead screw nuts
    made of igus high-performance polymers
  • Robust use, even with dirt and dust
  • Easy to clean

Thread size


Thread size


  • Emission reduction through quiet operation
  • Self-lubricating and maintenance-free
  • igus® supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling.
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Higher efficiency, longer service life

The patented dryspin high helix thread technology was developed by igus in 2015 and offers numerous advantages compared to conventional high helix threads. Due to the flat thread angle, they efficiently convert the exerted power into a translational movement.
With properties and shapes matching the polymer nut and lead screw, dryspin thereby provides an even longer service life and more efficiency for high helix threads. Due to the rounded tooth geometry, the contact area between lead screw and nut is reduced, and the lead systems operate quietly and without vibration under load.
The larger spaces between the individual dryspin threads result in a higher share (factor 1.3) of tribologically optimised polymer in the threads. More wear-resistant material and higher levels of efficiency are crucial for a service life that is up to five times longer compared to conventional high helix threads.

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