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Chain-compatible hybrid cable suitable for the latest Bosch Rexroth motors

Bosch Rexroth MS2N & IndraDrive Mi: Now finally the matching readycable® drive cables - harnessed and ready for direct connection

With the latest generation of motors from Bosch Rexroth, the demands on the components to be connected are also increasing. With the new pre-assembled readycable hybrid cables, smaller bend radii as well as centimeter-precise travels can be implemented. This leads to significant savings potential in installation space and construction costs.   

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With already more than 4,600 drive cables, igus is now expanding its catalogue range, which is available at any time, with all its advantages (36-month guarantee), no minimum order quantity, no cutting charges, etc. The pre-assembled hybrid cables suitable for Bosch Rexroth consist of a servo cable for power transmission and an integrated encoder cable (also known as One Cable technology). As ready-to-connect readycable with low cabling requirements, they are ready for immediate use and are therefore used in numerous industries and machine tools such as material handling, in conveyor systems or in plant construction. 

Your benefits at a glance

Tech up

Tech up

  • Safe and easy: 36-month guarantee, order online 
  • Save 50% installation space with the latest hybrid technology: only one cable for power and data

Cost down

Cost down

  • Reduced cabling time and effort, only one cable instead of two 
  • Order directly online with manufacturer number without additional effort
  • 24 hours from stock, availability for just-in-time delivery without your own warehousing facilities
  • No minimum quantity surcharges, no cutting charges 



  • 100% testing incl. test seal and test report 
  • 3,800m² largest test laboratory for used cables



  • No residual length or protrusions: all harnessed cables are cut with centimetre precision 
  • Individual service life calculation for every application without over-dimensioning or waste of resources

Minutes instead of days: ready-to-connect solutions from igus reduce installation time

In hardly any other industry are throughput times as important as in the machine tool industry. Cutting out individual work steps means that considerable savings in process costs can be achieved. The design engineers at Hartford, the largest manufacturer of CNC machining centres in Taiwan, know this as well. 
In its robotic machining centres, Hartford relies on completely harnessed energy chain systems including numerous readycable cables from igus. This cuts out many process steps for the manufacturer, reducing assembly time from several weeks to just half a day. At the same time, customers can always depend on receiving a safe and reliable solution from a single source.

igus cables in load test

Tested, proven and guaranteed for a 36 month service life

All igus readycable with typical chainflex guarantee of 36 months

Harnessed and ready-to-connect cables in energy chains or connected to robots need special properties if they are to function reliably over a long period of time in spite of large numbers of cycles, high speeds, rates of acceleration and challenging ambient conditions.
The chainflex cables used for readycable products are intensively tested in the company's own 4,100ft2 test laboratory, the industry's largest test lab worldwide. The harnessed readycable cables guarantee a long service life of at least 36 months thanks to extensive tests and quality inspections in the company's own laboratory and more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture and harnessing of cables.

All details on new hybrid cables suitable for Bosch-Rexroth at a glance

Manufacturer Part No.igus® Part No.Cable typeNumber of cores and conductor nominal cross section     Outer diameterBend radius 
RKH0101MAT98513120Base cable(5x2.5+(5x0.35)+(4xAWG22)C)C          17,010xd MAT98513120
RKH0900MAT98513121Base cable(5x2.5+(5x0.35)+(4xAWG22)C)C          17,010xd MAT98513121
RH2-021DBB-NNMAT98513122Base cable(4G1.5+(2x0.75)C+(2x2x0.14+2x0.25)C)C          15,010xd MAT98513122
RH2-022DBB-NNMAT98513123Base cable(4G1,5+(2x0,75)C+(2x2x0,14+2x0,25)C)C          15,010xd MAT98513123
RH2-023DBB-NNMAT98513124Base cable(4G1,5+(2x0,75)C+(2x2x0,14+2x0,25)C)C          15,010xd MAT98513124

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The readycable product finder: direct service life calculation of all drive cables.

Sold by the metre with hybrid technology

chainflex® portfolio

The chainflex cables are unharnessed cables for moving applications in energy chains or for robot applications, dependable with 36-month guarantee.  There you will find numerous hybrid cables as unharnessed sold by the metre in the catalogue range.  

Energy supply systems ready for connection

readychain harnessing

With our readychain systems, we provide individual, harnessed energy supply systems, which can be easily installed on site. This allows internal process costs to be significantly reduced and you can focus on your core competencies.