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DriveCliq cables for extremely small radii and long travels now with 300V UL certification

The new chainflex® PUR measuring system cable CF113.028.D in accordance with DriveCliq-Standard has now also been approved for 300V UL.

Due to the new cables with 300V UL certification for small radii in e-chains, the user can now lay DriveCliq cables in an energy chain system directly next to cables with a higher voltage level (e.g. motor cables). This offers immediate savings potential in terms of installation space and design.  

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UL stands for "Underwriters Laboratories" and is an independent organization in the USA. This organization tests various products for their safety. Having the proper approvals and certifications of such insitutions is crucial to having product approved for use in applications all over North America.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Can be laid next to cables with a higher voltage level
  • Extremely small bend radii and long travels

Cost down

Cost down

  • Boundary no longer necessary between the cables in the chain
  • With a 36-month guarantee
  • Reduce process costs with igus online tools



  • UL style
  • tested in the chainflex® laboratory
  • Service life calculator



  • No waste due to supply of lengths with centimetre precision

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36-month chainflex guarantee

USP picture

5 chainflex cable qualities on 300V bus cables

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Three bend radii

USP picture

All common bus types like Ethernet, Profinet, etc.

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Design freedom through the same voltage class

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Tested in the industry's largest test laboratory

UL verified: igus is the first company in Europe to obtain confirmation that it keeps the promises of its brand

For many years, the technical requirements for cable guidance systems have been increasing continually. Core ruptures, jacket abrasion and corkscrew are the result. igus has risen to the challenge and developed cables that can withstand high mechanical stress chainflex cables.
In 2020, as a consistent continuation of this technological claim, igus has its brand promise for chainflex cables validated by an external body. In a complex certification process, the US institute "Underwriters Laboratories" confirmed the accuracy of the statement "igus® 36-month chainflex cable guarantee and service life calculator based on 2 billion test cycles per year". This makes igus the first company in Europe to have the veracity of its brand promises confirmed by an internationally recognised testing institution.

The chainflex test laboratory in Cologne was visited several times by UL experts

Cost down, life up with the chainflex price check for your DriveCliq system

Reduce costs with the chainflex® price check and/or increase the service life of your application with DriveCliq cables: we are able to supply you with a large selection of different mechanical qualities - from an electric point of view, these DriveCliq cables are always identical and fully interchangeable. Between the best price and the best technology, you can find many further cable qualities. We can therefore always offer you the very best price/performance ratio for your application, depending on the requirements: with/without oil, long/short travel, large/small bend radius, etc. All DriveCliq cables tested in the chainflex® laboratory and with a 36-month guarantee.

DriveCliq cables in indoor cranes

Indoor cranes with igus

In the area of crane systems, safe and fault-free cable guidance is extremely important for functional safety. As the demands with regard to travel, speed and precision are increasing continually, the stresses that cables have to cope with in respect of travel, speed and precision are also steadily increasing. This is exactly where there is a need for the new chainflex DriveCliq cable with 300V UL certification. 

Harnessed DriveCliq cables

readycable overview

igus readycable: with around 4,600 harnessed motor, servo, signal and encoder cables suitable for 24 manufacturer standards, igus is the world's No. 1 when it comes to harnessed cables, our readycable, for use in energy chains. With 7 different cable qualities, the product range on offer always includes the most cost-effective DriveCliq cable that is guaranteed to work in your application.

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Further CF measuring system cables

CF measuring system cable

The chainflex measuring system cables, as well as resolver cables, feedback cables and encoder cables for energy chains are cables for medium to heavy duty applications. he cables are available for systems of nearly all well-known manufacturers such as B&R, Heidenhain, Lenze or Siemens.

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