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e-cord micro — now parallel guiding of two

… capillary tubes is possible

e-cord micro

The innovative igus® "e-cord micro" safely and flexibly guide the smallest tubes < Ø 1 mm. The flexible "e-cord micro" is a modular system which can easily be adapted to movement in your machine. The pre-defined radii prevents bending of the tubes and ensure smooth movement without machine downtime.

Safe and flexible guiding of the smallest tubes

Modular assembly

Pre-defined radii coordinated with movement of the machine to prevent damage to the tubes.

Capillary tubes guided in miniature hoses, whose diameters measure just a few millimeters, must not be bent to radii less than 45mm in dynamic applications. this requirement is not adhered to, the hoses can snap leading to process or machine failure. Permanently secure routing in pre-defined radii thus poses a technical challenge, which is solved by the "e-cord micro" made of high-performance and elastic tribopolymers.
Typical applications:Pipetting machines in medical technology

Medical technology
Medical technology
Medical technology
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