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Innovations and line extensions 2015

We invite you to take a tour of the igus® booth at the Hannover Messe and provide you with the brand new highlights, with which you can reduce costs and improve technology.
You can find an overview of all new products and range extensions on this page.

Fair round tour with Artur Peplinski, Leader International Group Development & Marketing

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e-chain® ... corrugated tube ideas … innovative energy chain

e-skin: Ultra-light energy supply

e-skin: Ultra-light energy supply


The reinforcement for existing corrugated tube systems - e-ribs

Robotic solutions … increase service life ... reduce assembly time

triflex® RSE retraction system

Prevent the formation of loops at the robot wrist. For all common robot sizes. Extend service lives, reduce costs.


New sizes for easy-filling triflex® TRCF

protection of the laser light cable

New bend radius for even greater cable protection


Gap closed – new size – triflex® TRC/TRE

triflex® R mounting for "Universal Robots"

Ttriflex® R mounting for "Universal Robots"

e-chains® ... moving in all directions, guiding all energies and media ... more compact, up to 50 m, more stable

… for travels up to 2000 mm … compact ...

igus® cable reel without a slip ring -now in a new compact design

e-spool® power 25

The motor-driven e-spool® for long extension lengths up to 82 ft (164 ft is possible).

twisterband HD

Rotary movements in small spaces – Now even more stable

e-chains® ... for long travels ... in the chemicals industry, automatic coupling, from the modular kit

Quiet, fast, low wear, durable …

Reduce drive power for moving energy chains - with the E4.1 standard kit – E4.1 Rol e-chain®

guidelite Plus

Made from 100% plastic, therefore light and low cost. Media and chemical resistant plus corrosion free. Very quick and easy to assemble.

Rise protection, easy to retro-fit

Rise protection, easy to retro-fit when guiding e-chains® on very long travels or in case of highest push/pull forces the igus® rise protection gives you more security.

Crane girder trough module in more widths

igus® guidefast: guide trough for quick and easy assembly on standard indoor crane girders

autoglide 2700.07 and . 10

autoglide – self-guiding e-chains® without trough in more widths

… 30% less weight, 10Gbits, RTG coupling.

The system combines uninterrupted high-speed secure data transmission (maximum data rate 10Gbit),with FOC. Suitable for HD video transmissions and travel lengths of 2625 ft and more.

e-chains® … for fast, safe, and low-cost vertical movement

... held by magnets ...

For long, vertical hanging applications where the use of a guide trough is not possible for space reasons.

e-chains® ... for universal, clean and dirty environments …

... light, dynamic, dust proof …

A new member of the E4.1 Light family with integrated dust seal and 64 mm inner height – E4.64L


Special e-chain® for applications with fine dust

... light, dynamic ... new widths.

Light, highly dynamic, cost-effective- new E4.1 Light size: E4.31L

… new widths.

Available in three sizes as energy-tube with new design

System E6.1 – cleanroom suitable

System E6.1 – quiet running and cleanroom suitable e-chains® in new sizes

e-chains® ... for "special" … guide ultra-small capillarytubes or monitor your system

e-cord micro

e-cord micro — now parallel guiding of two

… damped e-chain®.

For applications with maximum vibration loads


The EMA system is an electronic diagnostic tool

e-chains® ... accessories ... reduce assembly time

divisible separators

To fill the e-chains® more easily and more effectively,

48.Z, 48.ZT

Strain relief separators can be quickly

e-chains® … online

Rotary motion with Multi Rotation Module (MRM) system

Circular motions with multi-rotation module system (MRM) – Configure and generate rotary motions with MRM in 3D-CAD

chainflex® cables

chainflex® ... cables – tested & lasts

UL-verified 36 month guarantee

UL-verified 36 month guarantee

chainflex® tested, tested, tested and tested.

chainflex® are the special cables for energy chain systems – tested, tested, tested and tested.

FOC with Offshore approval

Gradient glass-fibre FOC for heavy duty use PUR outer jacket Metal-free

… control cables … large cross-sections

For medium duty applications Without influence of oil Preferably indoor applications

… chainflex® M PVC control cables

For flexing applications Without influence of oil Preferably indoor applications

… chainflex® M PVC control cables

For flexing applications Without influence of oil Preferably indoor applications

ReadyChain ... ReadyCable

ReadyChain ... ReadyCable ... Ready-to-install energy supply systems and harnessed cables …

… 8- and 12-pin in a confined space

Now from catalog: ready-to-connect actuator/sensor cables .

... DVI to HDMI ...

Harnessed cables for video transmissions in e-chains® applications

… robust RJ-45

Secure grip and protection now also for RJ-45 connectors.

... new Standard ...

Flexible use, for example, as a network plug connector (615 series), for hybrid cables…

… World’s first …

World’s first, developed for e-chains®: Now USB 3.0 Micro Type A also available as ReadyCable.

...DRIVE-CLiQ for e-chains®..

Expanding the range to include assembled DRIVE-CLiQ cables for e-chains®

... 400 x new.

Now choose from 7 quality levels and over 3200 drive cables with guaranteed service life

readychain® rolling rack

Easy unrolling of harnessed e-chains®


iglide® materials – for general purpose

iglide® 17 Standard Bearing Materials

iglide® 17 Standard Bearing Materials

… Self-lubricating endurance runner

Specially developed for fast continuous operation under low loads, iglide® L500, inter alias, is intended for fan and electric motor applications.

… good to shafts … in case of heavy duty

iglide® Q290 shows outstanding service life in agricultural and similar heavy duty applications, especially on frequently encountered "soft" shafts (e.g. galvanized).

... large and hot ... from stock

Extension of the standard range of high-tech problem solver iglide® T500 for high temperature and media resistance.

Tribo coating … custom

Is it the beginning of new possibilities? The requirements for the tribo-coating of metallic components are as varied as the sliding partner.

Custom iglide® injection molded parts

Besides a large standard range of standard plain bearings, there are bearing solutions customized for each individual case with added value. igus® provides you both - from one source!

... iglide® housing block ... one for all

The universal height-adjustable housing block for all iglide® materials is easy to install and for flexible use.

iglide® bearing material selection tool

iglide® material selection tool shows you the right bearing material in a flash

iglide® PRT

iglide® slewing ring bearings – maintenance free

… with clamp lever …

The new alternative to the terminal block with Allen screw allows the clamping of the PRT's with a handle.

motorised …

The robolink® D articulated joints are motor-driveniglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings in a plastic housing.The main component is a worm gear.

iglide® bar stock

iglide® … … bar stocks – design freedom

Dampening …

iglide® M250 bar stock for applications that demand a bearing material with excellent vibration dampening properties.

... wide variety ...

The fast-and-slow-motion specialist iglide® J is available as tube in three diameters.

iglide® ... Tribo-Tape – design freedom

… desired Design

As a specially tailored, by-the-meter product or freely designed prefabricated parts: We produce your required product in the required width with iglide® Tribo-Tape.

highly wear-resistant... from the roll ...

The new highly wear-resistant iglide® Tribo-Tape made of the iglide® V400 material with stands the upper long-term application temperatures of +392 °F and is extremely resistant to media.

iglide® ... Tribo-Filament for 3D printing


igubal® … spherical bearings – self-aligning

… easy clipping …

Quick and easy to install - the self-aligning igubal® spherical bearings for easy clipping into sheet metal.

With angle compensation

Thrust piece or connecting element between actuator and workpiece for decoupling and/or balancing edge loads

Dampening bushes

Dampening bushes

… crimping & removable ...

Easy to assemble and disassemble

… new sizes of pressfit spherical balls …

Pressfit spherical bearings with spherical balls made of iglide® J

… new sizes of pressfit spherical balls …

The second generation of our igubal® pressfit spherical bearings of dimensional series K was supplemented by the dimension 08.


xiros® ... polymer ball bearings

...simply screw

Fast and easy to install in many standard tubes.


drylin® linear technology ... Carbon … light weight

the lightest linear guide in the world …*

Everything in plastic now also applies to the drylin® W linear system in size 06.

Self-lubricating … 100 % metal free

The combination of tribologically optimised drylin®W linear guide made of carbon with dry-tech polymers in the carriage and deflection make the toothed belt axis ZLW-0630-P the first completely metal free toothed belt axis

drylin® linear technology … self-lubricating … curved … with clamps

drylin® curved linear guides

drylin® curved linear guides

...Quick assembly ... light weight ... Aluminium

drylin® W Tandem housing for quick assembly

...resistant in Ø25 ...

Extreme resistance combined with flexibility and resilience marks the new stainless steel drylin® W linear guide system in installation size 25.

.. closed tightly

Suitable for drylin® W high profile rails, the new covers also offer, besides an elegant rail end, a practical protection against the ingress of dust, dirt or chips.

... easily fixed ...

In addition to the individual bearing housings made of anodized aluminium, the drylin® W product range also contains a matching manual clamp option.

... small clamp

The hand clamping function for installation size 06 completes the scope of delivery of the drylin® W linear system.

… flat … clamp

Everywhere where only a small space is available, the drylin® N flat guide proves itself.

… longer service life also in INCH

With up to 8 times longer service life on steel shafts films, the liners made of the dry-tech® material iglidur®E7 are remarkable in practical use.

easy two times

Self-lubricating, accurate, easy and thereby quick to install.

… also round shaft clamping

New and unique linear housing with integrated manual clamp is available for drylin® R round shaft guides.

drylin® linear technology ...hybrid bearings – roll and slide

… 2 rollers + 3 sizes … rol & gliding

Extremely lightweight running due to the two diagonally applied maintenance free rollers characterizes the new generation of drylin® W hybrid bearings.

roll easily & clips - film jerk-free

New camera slider with double roller and clamp

drylin® lead screw technology ... self-lubricating ... efficient ... 5 materials available

drylin® drive technology ... self-lubricating and maintenance free ... manual and electrical ... drylin® E

… miniature …lift ...swivel

The new drylin® lift/swivel unit is based on a toothedrack drive with coated aluminium 4 square profile

quick delivery ...

Medicine, laboratory technology, packaging igus® delivers ready to install, pre-configured linear modules (drive: lead screw or toothed belt) from stock.

fast ... compact ... low cost

Many infeed movements require cost-effective linear axes that focus on pure adustment tasks

Low-cost automation with motor – ZLW eco

ZLW-0630-eco - drylin® linear axes of the low-cost automation type series.

… lightweight & low priced … incl. Motor

A modular design for easy adjustments at a cost-effective price. These key messages characterize the drylin® linear axes of the low-cost automation type series.

... direct drive ...

The SHTC is the compact version of the smallest SHT type series.

drylin® drive technology ... accessories .. drylin® E ... electrical components and control units

… digital measuring

The proven drylin® SLW linear module in installation size 1080 can be equipped with a new digital measuring system and adapts to any requirements.

... adjustable synchronously

An ergonomic operation in limited installation space.

... Hygienic design ... manually adjustable

For applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries, igus® offers linear modules made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel according to hygienic design guidelines.

... directly & efficiently driven

igus® offers drylin® E lead screw motors as a stand alone solution with stepper motors NEMA 11,17 and 23, with optional encoder function.

... axis / motor / axis

From now on, gantry structures will benefit from the new drylin® E drive unit with a NEMA 34 stepper motor.

… easily mounted

New mounting brackets are available for fastening drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes made of aluminium construction profiles.

... Motors …

drylin®-linear axes can be immediately equipped with DC motors.

... Control it remotely

A self-lubricating linear axis, configured ready-to-install with drylin® stepper and DC motors. As a single axis or in the gantry structure ... until now.


robolink® … joint-construction-kit

dry-tech® ... ... Services