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2 x more contact options – readychain® speed 2.0 and installed 3 x faster

Installed 3 x faster … 2 x more contact options

The next generation of plug-in chain from igus®.

Connected in seconds by hand

Minimized downtime - faster than speed 1.0

Now 16 module inserts

Connector and mounting bracket are a single unit

Safe connection due to still more rugged plug connection

No need for excess cable lengths

Fibre optic, control, servo, data and pneumatic cables can be connected

Typical applications:Automotive, storage and retrieval systems

1. Stable opening crossbar - Established technology of the E4.1-Serie
2. Strain relief on the mounting bracket
3. Fast closing - connection in seconds
4. Mechanical protection with fiber-reinforced igus®-housing
5. Modular inserts for any common connector type (16 inserts, 160 contact options)
6. Matching extension for wall mounting included

readychain® speed 2.0