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Autumn news 2015 drylin®

... robust and precise ...

With the same dimensions as the classic roller bearing guides, the drylin® T carriage convinces by its self-lubricating and maintenance free operation.

… quick clip on …

Quick installation for sheet thicknesses of 14 to 30 mm characterize the new drylin® JUCM linear liners.

... telescopic ...

The new drylin® linear module with telescoping drylin® Q guide is suitable for manual as well as electronic adjustment.

... control from outside ...

One linear module with two directions of motion which can be controlled separately.

drylin® News and line extensions 2015

drylin® Carbon ... ... light weight

the lightest linear guide in the world …*

Everything in plastic now also applies to the drylin® W linear system in size 06.

Self-lubricating … 100 % metal free

The combination of tribologically optimised drylin®W linear guide made of carbon with dry-tech polymers in the carriage and deflection make the toothed belt axis ZLW-0630-P the first completely metal free toothed belt axis

drylin® linear technology ... self-lubricating, curved ...

drylin® curved linear guides

drylin® curved linear guides

...Quick assembly ... light weight ... Aluminium

drylin® W Tandem housing for quick assembly

...resistant in Ø25 ...

Extreme resistance combined with flexibility and resilience marks the new stainless steel drylin® W linear guide system in installation size 25.

.. closed tightly

Suitable for drylin® W high profile rails, the new covers also offer, besides an elegant rail end, a practical protection against the ingress of dust, dirt or chips.

... easily fixed ...

In addition to the individual bearing housings made of anodized aluminium, the drylin® W product range also contains a matching manual clamp option.

... small clamp

The hand clamping function for installation size 06 completes the scope of delivery of the drylin® W linear system.

… flat … clamp

Everywhere where only a small space is available, the drylin® N flat guide proves itself.

… longer service life also in INCH

With up to 8 times longer service life on steel shafts films, the liners made of the dry-tech® material iglidur®E7 are remarkable in practical use.

… quick clip on …

Quick installation for sheet thicknesses of 14 to 30 mm characterize the new drylin® JUCM linear liners.

easy two times

Self-lubricating, accurate, easy and thereby quick to install.

… also round shaft clamping

New and unique linear housing with integrated manual clamp is available for drylin® R round shaft guides.

drylin® linear technology ... hybrid bearings – roll and slide

… 2 rollers + 3 sizes … rol & gliding

Extremely lightweight running due to the two diagonally applied maintenance free rollers characterizes the new generation of drylin® W hybrid bearings.

roll easily & clips - film jerk-free

New camera slider with double roller and clamp

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